Revelation 2: How to Stand in the End

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are letters that Jesus speaks specifically to John for seven churches.  These churches existed at the time of his writing and were speaking to their situation, but the messages are not only for those churches at that time.  They speak to us at the end of time, communicating clearly what is needed for us to stand and be victorious in the day of His return.  Think of these letters like end-time epistles (what we call the other letters to the churches, Ephesians, Colossians, etc.).  They were written to a specific group of people in a specific location, yet there is incredible truth that is alive for us here, today!

Remember to read these letters in light of what Chapter 1 shows us:  They are the words of Jesus- the Alpha and Omega, the infinitely wise One, the One who has loved us a freed us from our sins by shedding His very own blood (1:5).  These words are from the One with a passionate fire of love and zeal in His eyes (1:14).  These are not the words of an angry, far away God who is looking to criticize.

The Loving One is affirming His people, encouraging them, equipping them, and preparing the ones He loves to walk worthy, to stand and to overcome in the midst of adversity and what could be troubling events.  His goal, in love, is not to condemn, but to bring them into a place to be with Him and NOT be destroyed!  So, these messages contain the keys for US on the matters that are dear to His heart and which will strengthen us and equip us to not just endure, but to OVECROME and be victorious in the day of His return!

You’ll notice that each letter seems to follow a pattern:
-There’s a greeting, highlighting a specific facet of Jesus’ personality
Jesus affirms what He is proud of in this group of people
-He delivers a loving correction to areas of weakness
-Encourages them to submit to His leadership by telling them the reward they will receive if they are faithful.  [It’s okay to be want rewards!  God has planted it in us to be motivated by rewards!]

So, read chapter 2, looking for that pattern, then continue.

Here’s my outline of the message to the church in Ephesus:

Greeting/Personality feature:  “The One who holds the seven stars in his right hand, the one who walks among the gold lampstands”.
Possible message:  Jesus saying, “I hold the leaders of the churches (stars) in my hand, my hand of authority (right hand).  I am with you, I walk among you in your churches (lampstands).”

Affirmations:  I love your hard work, your patient endurance.  I love that you don’t tolerate evil people, and you’ve discerned those who are for real and those who aren’t.  You’ve suffered and not given up.Loving Correction:  You don’t love me or each other the way you used to!  Get back to doing that!  It’s way more important to me than anything else!

Reward:  You’ll get to eat from the tree of life in Paradise!

So, the keys for us and his end-time people:  LOVE GOD AND ONE ANOTHER

Also: work hard, endure hardship, don’t tolerate evil, don’t give up in persecutions.
Use that format to examine the messages to the other churches, and feel free to post/share what you come up with!  Add your comments above!
Jessie Still

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