SIMPLE DEVOTION: Keyboard Improvisations

This instrumental album is inspired by moments in friendship with God. It creates an atmosphere for prayer and carries the Presence of God. Click on the album art to check it out.

LIFT UP THE NAME: Live worship from the Furnace Prayer Movement

The Furnace Prayer Movement began on the campus of Michigan State University, as a movement of worship and prayer. The times of worship and prayer were always raw and real. This live recording while leading at a local church attempts to capture the passion the birthed this movement now 14 years strong. Click the picture to check it out. .

Behind the Music

In my earliest memories of life, I remember always humming — always.  Riding along in the car, playing with my toys, coloring — there was always some tune in my soul, usually spontaneous melodies that just came without me thinking about it.  Sometimes I didn’t even know I was doing it!  That is, until someone would inevitably say something like, “Why are you always humming?!” or something more like, “Stop humming!” (usually this was one of my siblings ;)).  Then, when I was seven or eight years old, my parents picked up an antique piano real cheap at a garage sale.  I had heard other people play piano, so I decided to sit down at the piano and see if I could play what I had heart.  I found it easy to pick out bits and pieces of things I had heard and play them.  I began to teach myself how to play (we bought a beginner’s book).  Eventually, my parents reasoned, “he might have some ability here” and started me on lessons.  That’s where the story began, and the rest is still being written.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through singing and playing the piano.  I did go on to study voice and piano in college  And, to this day I still hum constantly . . . without knowing it.  I’ve always been self-aware enough to realize that I’m not the best musician, and probably never will be.  I guess my ‘tragic flaw’, if there is such a thing, would be (and my past music teachers would probably concur) that I’ve never disciplined myself as much in the area of technical acumen.  Music has always been about expression to me, and I’ve always put my focus on what I “feel”.  This focus has probably led to some lack of attention to other aspects of musicianship.

That’s ok with me.  I’m not looking to be famous for my music, or get rich from it.  You see, the time when we got that piano was the same time I met Jesus Christ.  And, since then, I’ve been completely consumed by Him and in love with God.  So, to me, the music I make is just an expression of that all-consuming passion, it’s completely intertwined.

So, over the years, I’ve written some songs of worship, and played many more, all to express love to God.  One of my favorite things to do in prayer is to play the piano and improvise melodies and sing spontaneous songs.

One thought on “MUSIC

  1. Keep making the beautiful sounds to fill His ears and nose with your sweet perfume of worship Jessie! Stay in the River with it and let Him take you downstream, out into the wide Sea of His great and eternal agape!

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