Vocal Coaching

Everyone has a voice.

I’m here to help you learn
how to use yours!

ABout Me

I have been singing my whole life (it’s true! Ask my family growing up, who wished I would STOP sometimes!) :). I began classical vocal training in high school and went on to receive my Bachelors degree in voice and piano. I have taught both individuals and groups how to use their voice to fuller potential. A few have even gone on to do “big things” in music! ALL have felt empowered to embrace their God-given voice with greater confidence.

I love helping people understand how their voice works and seeing them grow in skill and confidence! Vocal methods are applicable regardless of what style of music you hope to sing.

want to learn more?

Interested, but still have questions? No problem! Email me: Jessiestill@gmail.com and let’s talk!

What People are Saying . . .

“In a season when my voice was stressed and struggling, he helped me regain full functionality and use of it! I was very impressed with how practical and helpful Jessie’s training was!” –Justin R., worship leader & music professional

let’s get started!

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level? Let’s go! Sessions are given as-needed (unlike weekly “lessons” might be). Typical rate is $40 per 30-minute session (can be negotiated according to need). Go here to start soaring!

Let’s get started!