Simple Devotion

Simple Devotion is my first full-length recording project.  It’s a collection of solo piano improvisations.  Far from flawless, this project is less about technical virtuosity and more about expressing the movements of the heart.  It’s less about the one playing and more about the One whom it is played for.  This CD was birthed in times of prayer and meditation on the Word of God.  The melodies and harmonies within are meant to carry you deeper into the person of Jesus Christ.  Each song has a particular Scriptural reference.  It’s not meant to just be listened to and enjoyed.  It’s most powerful if you can simply close your eyes and let the music transport your Spirit into deeper encounter and revelation of God.

It was recorded by me, produced by me, edited by me — all in my basement! 🙂  So, it may not be fully “professional” quality, but I’m confident that you will enjoy it.  For those who are a bit music-theory-savvy, you may be interested to note that each of the seven pieces recorded are in sequential key signatures: track #1 is in the key of C track #2 is in D, track #3 is in E, track #4 is in F (actually D-minor), track #5 is in G, track #6 is in A, and track #7 is in B.

CD is now available!  Buy now (via paypal) only $10! (plus shipping/handling)

If you prefer to do a digital download, you can do that here:

You can preview the tracks here:

Here’s some testimonies from those who’ve enjoyed the music.  Feel free to leave your own feedback below!

-“This is so anointed!!  I just keep listening to it over and over again!”

-“Wanted to let you know that your CD has been helping me get amazing sleep at night.  It has been hard to get restful sleep at night lately, until I started listening to your CD as I fall asleep.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!”

-“[I get this image] that I am stumbling into the throne room.  Then I look up at Who is seated on the throne.”

-“It exceeded my expectations!  On par or better than others in this genre!”

-“Your music is beautiful!  God has blessed you with a very special talent.  I can’t wait to hear the rest.”

-“I put it on in the car, and immediately my 3 year old grand son, said excitedly, “Jesus music!””

-“So anointed!  My son was suffering with a headache.  We put on the CD and began to pray and he was healed by the Presence of God in it!”

– I just listened to it while I was working and it was awesome! It helped me stay peaceful and focused while I worked (a lot of times it’s hard for me to not get anxious/stressed when I’m focused and working). Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Simple Devotion

  1. Jessie, I have never really heard any of your work. You are truly talented, and I am glad you are using your talents for our father. It was really delightful to listen to your music!

  2. Don’t stop playing with your heart and by the guidance of The Spirit. I am so proud to have you for a brother-in-law. Your music is touching, to say the least. But your passion for your family and mission in life is what inspires me most.

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