Revelation 3: Your Judgments are Better Than Gold

Revelation chapter 3 continues the letters that Jesus speaks to John for the seven churches.  As you read, remember that they speak to us at the end of time, communicating clearly what is needed for us to stand and be victorious in the day of His return.   Also remember, these are not the words of an angry, far away God who is looking to criticize.  They are the words of a LOVING God who disciplines the ones He loves and corrects them.  If He didn’t love us, why would He care if we were straying and in danger of His wrath?  It is BECAUSE of His love that He tells us the truth!  As Proverbs says, “a rebuke from a Friend is like a kiss on the lips”.  Let’s receive his affection for us!
Ok, but how?
Well, I would encourage you to finish “outlining” the messages to each church according to the pattern I mentioned yesterday:
-There’s a greeting, highlighting a specific facet of Jesus’ personality
Jesus affirms what He is proud of in this group of people
-He delivers a loving correction to areas of weakness
-Encourages them to submit to His leadership by telling them the reward they will receive if they are faithful.  [It’s okay to be want rewards!  God has planted it in us to be motivated by rewards!]
Once you’ve boiled down the messages to the “Keys” for us to live right and stand in the day of His return, turn the passages into conversation (aka prayer).  Here are some examples.
“Jesus, help me to love You the way I did when I first met You.  Remind me of the zeal I had then, and increase my passion for You. . . “
“Lord, give me an ear that truly HEARS your words and a heart the receives your loving correction. Come and judge me with Your word.  I want to stand righteous before You.  Spirit, speak to me . . . “
“Help me to love what You love and hate what You hate, God . . “
“Wake me up, Lord!  I want do want to think that I’m alive when I’m dead on the inside!!”
What are some prayers that stir up in your heart as you read these letters?  Share them! Go to the link above and add comments!

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