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Revelation 22: “I Am Coming SOON!”

(Can you believe we’ve reached the end of this time of devotionally studying Revelation??  I hope that is has encouraged you, and you’ll be motivated to continue studying more.)    Chapter 22 gives us a final picture of our final destination, and is the conclusion of the message Jesus gave to His friend, John, for us.   In … Continue reading

Revelation 21: All Things New!

Chapter 21 (and 22) are the final climax of our story.  Yes, it is OUR story!   Try to keep things in context here.  Jesus has led the Armageddon Campaign, systematically taking over the governments of the Earth, and establishing righteousness in every sphere of society.  The people of God in partnership with Jesus are … Continue reading

Revelation 20: Heaven on Earth!

Chapter 20 tells us about the thousand-year reign of Christ on the earth, aka “the Millennial Reign”.  This is an End Time concept that many people are very unclear on, which is unfortunate because it is one of the MOST GLORIOUS!   Let me put it simply:  The Millennial Reign is the 1000-year period where Jesus Christ … Continue reading

Revelation 19: Hallelujah!

I love Chapter 19!!   Can you imagine the sound??  “the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting: “Hallelujah!”   After Jesus judges the evil world system from Babylon, THIS is the response!  Do you rejoice like this when you think of God’s judgments?  We should, for He delights in making the wrong things right and … Continue reading

Revelation 18: Taking down Babylon

Chapter 18 details the fall of Babylon “the Great”.   Let me try to put it into perspective.   You should understand that under the leadership of the Antichrist and the influence of the one-world religion (aka “Harlot Babylon), Babylon will be the center of all things in the end of the age.  It will be the headquarters … Continue reading

Revelation 17: Babylon the Great?

Chapter 17 intoduces us to the great prostitute.  “What does all this mean?”, you may be asking.    Well, let’s sort it out a bit.  Here we have another symbolic woman.  We understand she is a symbol because of the angelic explanations of the other symbols.  The first woman we met was a symbol of the … Continue reading

Revelation 16: Just and True are Your Judgments

Have you ever noticed how much we dislike the word “judgment”?  I feel it good to just mention this because we’ve been talking SO MUCH about God’s judgments!  What does the word judgment really mean?  Why do we fear it so?  Basically judging means declaring something right or wrong.  What’s so bad about that?  Well, on a personal level, we hate to … Continue reading

Revelation 15: Great and Marvelous are Your Deeds, Lord!

Chpater 15 prefaces the release of the Seven bowls, which will be the last of the series of judgments.  With these, the wrath of God is completed.  Let’s jump in . .   vs. 1:  John tells us that he sees “another GREAT and MARVELOUS sign”, which is the appearing of the angels with the last seven plagues.  … Continue reading

Revelation 14: Fear God and Give Him Glory!

Chapter 14 follows up the events of 12 and 13 and shows us the Confrontation of Kingdoms from the other side: the Lord’s!    Here we see Jesus (the Lamb) on earth at Mt. Zion (verse 1).  Yes, Jesus as a Man is now on Earth!!  And, He has gathered his people with Him as He … Continue reading

Revelation 13: Clash of Kingdoms

Chapter 13 is a continuation of the confrontation that began in chapter 12.  Since it’s the same “story”, it continues to be symbolic while conveying the truth of events.    Let’s define the symbols. The Beast– this is the Antichrist The “other” beast– the False Prophet that leads people to worship the Antichrist Together it … Continue reading