Revelation 21: All Things New!

Chapter 21 (and 22) are the final climax of our story.  Yes, it is OUR story!
Try to keep things in context here.  Jesus has led the Armageddon Campaign, systematically taking over the governments of the Earth, and establishing righteousness in every sphere of society.  The people of God in partnership with Jesus are restoring Paradise on Earth.  Satan is finally thrown into the lake of fire with the other enemies of God.  And, at the end of chapter 20, it was the FATHER on the Great White Throne judging the dead and releasing them to the lake of fire. 
Have you noticed that most of all that we have been seeing in this study is Jesus?  Now, of course that is good and right, since it’s “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.  I hope you feel you’re getting to know Him better! 🙂 
Once in chapter 1, the Father speaks (1:8).  After that, He appears right at the end of the Millennium at the Great White Throne judgment (20:11-14).  What’s up with that?
Chapter 21 is the answer!  The Father’s purpose, and the ultimate result of salvation through the Son is for mankind to live in face-to-face communion with God the Father, on the Earth.  However, the earth since the Fall has not been able to withstand the blazing holiness of the Father, and he will not violate man’s free will.  God can only make His habitation on earth after the nations live in obedience to Him.  And, through Jesus’ final conquering of sin, evil, etc. and establishing righteousness on the Earth, in partnership with mankind, the Earth is finally ready to receive the Father Himself!! 
verse 3: Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God!

This has always been the longing of the Father!  It is His desire to dwell in perfect communion with mankind on the Earth at all times, where mankind is not consumed (killed) by His all-consuming fire, but basks continually in the Light of His Presence, without fear or shame.  THIS WILL BE THAT DAY!
So, the FATHER HIMSELF is stepping down on the Earth!!  With Him, He brings with Him the New Jerusalem, and Heaven and Earth are literally joined as One, like a marriage (bride and husband, verse 2).  All of the supernatural realm and all of the natural realm will be united in complete harmony. 
Read the description of the Holy City that is coming down (verses 9-21).  Try to paint the picture in your imagination.  It is STUNNING in it’s beauty — and THIS is the place where all the nations will be gathered to, and where we will dwell in perfect union with Him forever!!!  Once again, I tell you every detail has meaning — try to seek out what each precious stone, color etc. tells us about the Lord and our eternal dwelling.  Feel free to share your thoughts on that, too…. 
No place of worship will be needed.  The manifest Presence will be everywhere, all the time, and it will NOT be limited by any measure!  Wow!  The glory of God will be the illumination of the land, and there will be no night.  The glory will never fade! 
Side note: Check the footnotes (if you have them) about the size of the city.  It will be about 1400 miles long, 1400 miles wide, and 1400 miles HIGH — that means it will extend into OUTER SPACE (that’s only 800 miles above earth).  Can you imagine??  No wonder we will all be able to dwell there :).  The Great Multitude from every tribe tongue and nation will dwell there in unity with one another and with the Father and the Son! 
So, where is this whole thing going?  That Jesus would come and establish righteousness on the Earth and the Heaven we long for is established here, with the Light and Presence of the Father making His dwelling with us!
May we live to hasten His Return!

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