Revelation 15: Great and Marvelous are Your Deeds, Lord!

Chpater 15 prefaces the release of the Seven bowls, which will be the last of the series of judgments.  With these, the wrath of God is completed.  Let’s jump in . .
vs. 1:  John tells us that he sees “another GREAT and MARVELOUS sign”, which is the appearing of the angels with the last seven plagues.  I find this interesting.  Where we look upon these events and judgments of God and struggle with how severe and even violent they seem, the truth is, they are GOOD.  God’s judgments emanate from His goodness (just as everything He does)so much so that we could even call them “marvelous”! 
v. 2-4:  So GOOD, GREAT and MARVELOUS are His judgments, that those around His Thone cannot help but explode in praise and worship once again!  The song that they sing is very interesting as well — it’s the “song of Moses” (see Exodus 15) and “the song of the Lamb”.  The Israelites sang the song of Moses after they had walked through the sea on dry ground as God had parted the waters and delivered them from their enemies.  Exodus 15:13 says: “In Your unfailing love You will lead the peopole You have redeemed.  In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling.”   
It is God’s love that ultimately delivers us from all evil, everything that opposes us, and hinders His love and kingdom from being fully manifest.  In His love he judges and makes war. 
This should radically change some of our views of the End Times and the book of Revelation! 
Look at the glory and splendor that accompany the introduction of these last plagues, the seven bowls!!
verses 6-8: “They (the angels carrying the bowls, and about to pour them out on earth) were dressed.. in shining linen and wore golden sashes around their chests…
and the temple was filled with .. the glory of God and from His power..”!!! 
What is about to take place is a display of his glory and beauty.  We have not seen this level of glory break yet in the release of these judgments!  God will FILL His temple with glory as He pours them out!  
And you’ll be amazed to see how similar the bowls are to the plagues poured out on Egypt… what could this mean??
Our Father is bringing together the drama of human history with the most magnificent display of power, glory and goodness!  See you tomorrow for Chapter 16 . . .  
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