Revelation 1: What’s Going on Here?

Why has the book of Revelation been so marginalized, and why people think that it is so hard to comprehend?  Could it be that the devil himself has schemed to do this, to ROB us of our blessing and keep us from being empowered and emboldened with the great truths contained in it?  Could it be that Satan is scared of what will happen if we, as God’s people, are informed and equipped with knowledge of the end time events in a way that will strengthen us to defeat Him and be true overcomers??
Let me encourage you — this book should not scare you or intimidate you.  It is your invitation to join Jesus in the greatest hour of human history!
As you do these studies, please READ the chapter before readying my post :).
Revelation chapter 1: A quick overview.

Verse 1.
-Revelation is a book that REVEALS Jesus, above all things!  It shows us HIM!!!
-This verse is tells us that Revelation is speaking to us about events that WILL happen.  These things really WILL happen.  It is not figurative.Verse 3.  John  tells us how we can be blessed – by reading, hearing and keeping the words in Revelation. It is good to want to be blessed, have you ever noticed, God tells us many times how to receive blessing!  This should encourage you in diving deep into the book.

Verses 4-6-It’s common to get worried or scared when reading the events of Revelation, but here we are told, “Don’t worry!  Jesus is mighty, and He’s in control, He’s orchestrating this whole thing intricately in His infinite wisdom, and you can trust Him”  So, the proper response is:  “Worship Him!”

Verse 7  Jesus is coming – and it will be obvious to EVERY person on the earth when He does!

Verse 8  He is the Alpha and Omega – what does that mean to you?

Verse 13-  John SEES Jesus, and describes many interesting details.  Spend some time meditating on these symbols — each facet tells us something about Him.  What do you think each of them means to us – white hair, feet of bronze, etc.??

Verse 20- Here, the first symbol is explained.  See, there’s no need be mystified by the symbols in Revelation.  The Lord want us to understand, so He shows us what they mean.

It really would be fun to have some dialogue and hear what the Lord is speaking and showing you and how you are being blessed in this study.  Feel free to post a comment by clicking on “add a comment” above.
Peace to you!
Jessie Still

3 thoughts on “Revelation 1: What’s Going on Here?

  1. I agree with your comment about the enemy trying to “scare” people away from the book of Revelation. I look forward to re-visiting Revelation without fear! Glory to God!

  2. Jessie – and anyone else reading this – I hope you enjoy this:- at the weekend I heard a sermon where the speaker said that it must have been so tempting for John to feel after hearing the messages to the seven churches: how can I sort all this out?? How can I make sure Ephesus finds its first love again!! So much to “sort out”…oh it’s a mess. But no – what the Spirit says to him is “come up here…see things as they are here. See it from my perspective. I am in control, I have provided a lamb, a way to open the seal that could not be opened. I have overcome. There will always be challenges and difficulties and various levels of success and failure among the churches. Rest in Me. Act from a position of security in Me. The enemy will always try to make you focus on you, and what you least like about yourself. he wants you to take your eyes off me. But look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith”

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