So, I was in the apartment workout facility, with CNN on the TV today, and was SO excited [not exactly the right word] and surprised to see a commercial from Voice of the Martyrs!!! 

Voice of the Martyrs is an organization dedicated to helping, and exposing the horrendous persuction that is perpetrated against Christians in many parts of the world.  The stories they share of real life believers, suffering for following Christ TODAY on another part of the planet will shock you, in a very needed way. 

It’s inconceivable to me that the things happening right now (torture, imprisonment, death) in some countries are so NOT well-known to us in the “free world”.  We say we believe in human rights . . .but suddenly if “religion” is involved, nobody wants to touch it — what’s that about?!?  A life is a life, right?

Anyhow, I won’t rant about it.  I was just VERY glad to see that they were able to make a commercial that tells the TRUTH, and get in on a national station that so many look to for news.  That’s what I call REAL NEWS.  Maybe we’ll all wake up a little bit. 

I encourage you to get informed.  and PRAY.  If you’re a believer in Christ, these are your FAMILY members!  If you’re not, they’re still human, like you, who deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of what nation they live in.

love to all — J.

One thought on “VOM

  1. ALL RIGHT, Jessie! Kudos to you! Our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering, and most believers here in America have NO IDEA. I just wanted to voice how excited I am to here of another American Christian who is interested in what is going on with our other Christian siblings in the world. sweet. 🙂

    -Sarah Bruce

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