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the (C)hurch. . . part 3

If you’re new, please check out post #1 and post #2 in this series.  And for those who have been following along, make sure you read all the comments on the previous two, there’s some GREAT insights that are still being added. . . .I’m not sure why post #2 in this series did not … Continue reading

what about the (C)hurch? [part 2]

WOW!  First of all, THANKS so much to all of you who commented on post #1 (if you haven’t read it, go there now AND read all the great comments: click here)!  Everyone of you said something noteworthy and provacative.  I’m inspired by you all, and hope you’ll stick with me in this conversation!  Let me … Continue reading

where is the church going in the 21st century?

Ok.  So, that’s a pretty diplomatic title for the series of discussions (aka “can of worms”) I hope to open up in the next few weeks.  I hope that you will join me and throw in your input.  To put it in more bluntly, one might ask: “Is the church broken?” I have heard some … Continue reading


So, I was in the apartment workout facility, with CNN on the TV today, and was SO excited [not exactly the right word] and surprised to see a commercial from Voice of the Martyrs!!!  Voice of the Martyrs is an organization dedicated to helping, and exposing the horrendous persuction that is perpetrated against Christians in … Continue reading