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Who Do You See?

Have you ever had someone draw a caricature picture of you? Usually at tourist traps or carnivals, you can pay an artist to do this. Generally, what happens is: they take your most prominent features and exaggerate them out of proportion, into something that is usually comical. I was pondering  the all-to-common vitriol these days … Continue reading

When the Earth is Shaking

Most have heard about the huge devastation in Haiti (I actually wrote about it).  Hopefully you heard about the huge quake that hit Chile last week.  And today, we learn of the one that just happened in Taiwan.  Wow! The Haiti disaster has been very moving to many.  But, I felt personally connected when I heard about … Continue reading

Let Praise Arise in Haiti

Right now, the attention of the globe is on Haiti, and rightfully so!  The devastation there is immense, and overwhelming.  If you don’t know much, rather than recount the details, you can look here:  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CB_HAITI_EARTHQUAKE?SITE=ILMOL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT One thing that’s been very interesting, and wonderful, is the amount of attention being given to both PRAYING and HELPING … Continue reading

How Jesus Frees Captives

So, I believe it was my Junior year at Eastern Michigan University.  I had made friends with a guy named Matt* (this story is real, but the names are not) who was in my Choir class.  My friendship with Matt started in an interesting way.  I did not know him, but one day the Lord gave … Continue reading

Election 08: I am concerned (edited repost)

In my younger years (not that I’m old or anything), my stance on politics was, “those are dumb, why do people care so much and get so worked up about it?”. Over the years, I’ve grown to have SOME interest in things. My basic view starts with this overarching principle: Jesus is King, and He’s … Continue reading


I’m on a role with three-letter acronym titles (FYI, VOM, now IJM). 🙂  I feel kinda bad about this…. my last post was all about persecution and human rights violations, plus I’ve got another page totally dedicated to the nations, yet, in all of this, I haven’t mentioned the International Justice Mission (IJM) once.  This … Continue reading


So, I was in the apartment workout facility, with CNN on the TV today, and was SO excited [not exactly the right word] and surprised to see a commercial from Voice of the Martyrs!!!  Voice of the Martyrs is an organization dedicated to helping, and exposing the horrendous persuction that is perpetrated against Christians in … Continue reading

We all long for freedom

“There is hope, but we fear to hope,” she said. “We still dream of rearing our children in a country where everybody would have equal chances at opportunities.” This is a quote from an article I just read about Myanmar’s current unrest (Yahoo news got  this one right, thanks to the AP).  Pray for the Christians … Continue reading

Who cares about Kiefer Sutherland’s DUI?

[two posts in one day!  making up for lost time, i guess]  Let me just make the confession upfront: I get a lot of my news from the Yahoo! home page.  I hardly watch TV, and don’t get any newspapers… but I DO like to know what’s going on in the world now and then, … Continue reading

Interesting blogs I read…

I probably spend too much time on the internet.  ok.  i DO.  and for those of you struggling with that, get off the computer right now.  🙂 j/k for the rest of you who like to read and be provoked, two interesting blogs I read today: 1. concerning Christians and the environment: http://www.joshuahawkins.com/blog/2007/09/environmentalism-jesus-style.  I’m not … Continue reading