Who cares about Kiefer Sutherland’s DUI?

[two posts in one day!  making up for lost time, i guess] 

Let me just make the confession upfront: I get a lot of my news from the Yahoo! home page. 

I hardly watch TV, and don’t get any newspapers… but I DO like to know what’s going on in the world now and then, so I browse the headlines when I go to check my email on Yahoo! 

So, the page pops up in my browser, and what is the headline?  “Kiefer Sutherland arrested for drunk driving”, or something like that.  SO?!?!  I mean, sure, I’m against people getting drunk and driving around.  But, it’s national NEWS??  This is the important news that millions need to know about??  While on the other side of the globe children are explioted, forced into the army, enslaved in the sex trade, monks are fighting for democracy in Myanmar, and troops are still fighting (and dying) in Iraq…. the main headline that I “need” to read about is some movie star getting pulled over?

Newsflash:  Kiefer Sutherland, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are all just people.  Messed up people, just like me, you and your neighbor.  They just happen to have a lot of money and a prettier face.  I didn’t get an email the last time the guy down the road got pulled over, I don’t see why I need to know about the “stars”.

Yes, I wish the stars would be more responsible and all, since so many people watch them and look up to them (especially young poeple).  I sure am glad that my EVERY mistake and move isn’t advertised on national media!  Can you imagine??   

Maybe I’m secretly jealous.  It was my dream and desire for many years (when I was younger) to be an actor and to be famous. 

Eventually I came to my senses, tho’… i think.

so, that’s my rant.  nothing too serious.

2 thoughts on “Who cares about Kiefer Sutherland’s DUI?

  1. ok, so here’s me, commenting on my own post . . . since this one didn’t get much response from my “readership” . . . I have to defend myself. I happened to notice on myspace that there are some spoof videos called “CelebriDIU”, mocking how it’s the latest rage in hollywood to get in trouble with the law. I would have posted it, but it had some scantily clad ladies and slightly inappropriate moments. I’m just here to say, I wasn’t just barking up a forgotten tree on this one . . . 🙂

  2. i’ve a little behind on reading, but this is SO funny and true. Do you think it’s because we all love gossip but when it comes to stars we don’t feel guilty about it (like we hopefully do when we gossip about other people we know?)

    anyway, funny stuff!

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