Big things

Why bother believing for big things?  Why do we long for impact?  Why do I want to be apart of something big, great, impactful? 

Is that somehow written in our DNA?  We are created with a desire for something bigger than us, for transcendence – to touch something beyond us . . .  I have heard people say that, and I believe it. 


Ultimately, we all want to touch God.  We look for fun and thrills in life, but really, what is more thrilling the experiencing the Almighty Creator of the Universe, touching your weak, human, made-from-the-dirt frame?  I know for some people that doesn’t even connect in your brain.  For some people, the thought of God is far from thrilling.  “Boring” or “irrelevant” might be the words that more easily come to mind for them. . . I won’t bother defending what I believe is the Truth:  that God is the MOST thrilling thing there is, and He is the very reason people enjoy being thrilled and excited!  Roller coasters, thrillers, mysteries, movies, sports, all forms of dare-devil stuff, most entertainments, video games – these are all things we love and enjoy because we are CREATED with a  capacity and a desire to EXPERIENCE joy, pleasure, etc… It’s there because God put it there, and because ultimately, there is no higher experience of love, joy, pleasure, excitement than touching God.  FOR REAL!  That’s the truth!  If you can’t believe it, it’s because you haven’t experienced it.  I invite you, “taste and see that the Lord is Good”.  You won’t be disappointed, because if you truly seek, you WILL find (God).     


However, that’s not really what’s on my mind.  J


What about the deep seated desire to have IMPACT, to make a difference in the world, to be the “one” who changed things??  This burns so strongly in me.  But, I feel so frustrated, because, well, I don’t feel like it’s happening!  I do what I feel I can/should to impact my part of the world, and well, sometimes I feel like it’s doing much… 


But, as a person of faith, I’m supposed to believe and ask God to do GOD-sized things.  So, I have no excuse to live in the mundane, ordinary, easy, possible/plausible/logical world.  And, I don’t want to.  So.. what am I to do?  What are YOU to do, if you feel this same frustration?   

 Possible conclusions: 

-Believe for big things,


-act in faith,

-work with diligence,

-don’t lose heart . .

-and leave the results up to God.


My challenges:  I’ve never been a part of anything that really seemed “big”; no big church, no big outreach/ministry/movement… at least nothing that like exploded and continued on.  I have been a part of, and helped do some big one-time events.  But, I’m always believing for a big, sustained move of God, where people are being added (saved), even daily, and where the supernatural power of God is transforming hearts, lives and physical bodies.  I feel like I have read of some things like that, and heard people talk about some things, but in some senses it seems unreal, almost fictional because I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen and touched it, you know?


I could be wrong on that – there is a very REAL, explosive move of God in Brazil – supernatural things happening, many saved, delivered, etc…. and I have been in that twice now on two summer trips.  It’s wonderful and amazing, but at the same time, it feels very natural, unforced…. It’s just God, it seems.  But, where does it come from?  Does it just fall out of the sky?  Is it the three fiery intercessors who pray diligently and daily for years and years….?


In some situations it seems there is that one leader who seems to drive the whole thing . . . they have a strong, charismatic, inspiring personality that draws a crowd, and people follow.  But, I don’t think that could ever be me.  I don’t want people to follow me.  I don’t even believe I have that “crowd-drawing” charisma, anyway.  So, that kind of thing doesn’t seem possible. 


So, I’m asking more questions than giving any answers. . . but, that’s what this is for… let’s talk. J  Let the comments roll.   

4 thoughts on “Big things

  1. Wow this very idea of wanting more and experiencing God on a whole new level was my life about a year ago! I simply prayed for something BIG from God-where I would know that it could only be a God thing. “Use me God!” was my prayer! Be careful what you pray for! He will answer, BUT you have to expand your spiritual bubble and your comfort zone, get off you butt, get out of the boat and start walking on water! Most people think they can just sit around and wait for it! Look around your church or community, look where God is working and JOIN IN! That’s how Jesus did it. He waited for His Father to show Him and He did it. I can’t remember the verse right now but it’s in one of my posts and it backs up this very point. Just keep praying, make yourself available, and do it in faith! He can make anything possible. Oh that verse is John 5:19-20.

  2. Faith! Right now I’m glad to be making some ventures in faith with you these days. Thanks. May we continue to have the grace to step out in faith. “For we have tasted and seen.” -psalm 34.

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