Well, I can see from my blog stats that many of you are actually sticking around and checking back (Thanks!!), so, I figured I should blog something SOON, so you don’t leave me after I got you hooked with the baby stuff!  I’ve got some (other) thoughts I’m working on, but didn’t want to put it up until I thought it through completely – so look forward to more postings!! 

For now, I’ve been thinking about humility.  What IS humility?  Well, in it’s poetic/theoretic form, we all think this a beautiful, wonderful, desirable, admirable character trait that some possess, and which we should all aspire to live out more. 

Perhaps you think you are humble?  Maybe there are those who you think are humble.  The trick is, once you think you’ve seen it (in yourself or others), you probably lost it!


I think true humility, when it is lived rightly is nearly invisible.  You may be standing next to the most humble person in the world, but you wouldn’t know it.  And, I believe, true humility is rare and even painful to cultivate in our own hearts. 

My definition of humility:
  (and Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of these)

-To make yourself nothing, to refuse to cling to power or position, for the sake of building up others, lifting them to power, giving your power and position away to benefit others.

-To live, act, and give as if every one you meet is better and more deserving than you; to consider others and what they are doing as more important than what is in your heart (even if you know what is on your heart is right, perhaps even from God!). 

 What humility is NOT: 

-Hating yourself, criticizing yourself, or always telling people how “bad” you are.

-Refusing to do anything of consequence, for fear of being recognized, or becoming proud. 

-Refusing thanks, compliments, etc. 

-Rejecting positions of leadership (especially when you are needed and gifted in that position!)

 What it is:

-Serving because you want to and enjoy it, not just because you should

-Not looking for rewards from others

-Being confident of who you are and what your gifts and calling are.  Being so confident that you don’t have to prove yourself, and confident enough to move into a position when you know your gifting is needed in a situation (not shying away in false humility). 


I feel like God is trying to build humility in me.  I’m sure he is in all of us.  But, the problem for me is this:  it’s hard!  And, it hurts to let go of selfishness!!  I never understood how much desire for recognition and longing for “fame” I had in me… until recently… and….well. . .  I’m just not there.  But, I want to be!  When I look at Jesus and see that He took THE LOWEST place, the God of the Universe bending down to serve US, those whom He MADE out of dirt; Perfection serving the helplessly flawed; Love, loving the unworthy.  It makes me love Him and see how beautiful He is – and I want that! 


Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Humility

  1. I’ve thought for a long time that a truly humble person DOES know what their strengths are… they have a “sober judgement” of themselves. That’s true as long as they acknowledge that they are that way because of God – not themselves…

  2. absolutely! it’s not about being a little insignificant blob with no meaning or perpose, a little “peon”, it’s about not trying to be something bigger than you really are, and knowing that your worth doesn’t come from what others say about you or see in you, and you’ll be steady and confident in who you are,and the unique strengths you possess, so much that you don’t need to be endorsed or stroked to live them out!

    thanks for the comment!

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