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Election 08: I am concerned (edited repost)

In my younger years (not that I’m old or anything), my stance on politics was, “those are dumb, why do people care so much and get so worked up about it?”. Over the years, I’ve grown to have SOME interest in things. My basic view starts with this overarching principle: Jesus is King, and He’s … Continue reading

let’s eat!

[this is a recap of what would have been my message on Sunday, IF I had preached.  God had other plans… He is so fun!] I don’t know about you, but I LIKE to eat!  If I’m not making a decision to fast, I normally do not miss a meal, or any snack, or any … Continue reading

what about the (C)hurch? [part 2]

WOW!  First of all, THANKS so much to all of you who commented on post #1 (if you haven’t read it, go there now AND read all the great comments: click here)!  Everyone of you said something noteworthy and provacative.  I’m inspired by you all, and hope you’ll stick with me in this conversation!  Let me … Continue reading

Unity- Part 4

Really, I hoped to not be so “serious” and “spiritual” all the time on this blog . . . I’m just taken with this topic right now… someday soon (hopefully) I’ll have a “just for fun” blog… Part 4:  We go farther together.  This is one of the biggest hurdles for us in the Western … Continue reading

I want to burn

well, after spending time laboring over the last two posts, with little response (though I know people are reading, since my blog stats tell me so…), this time I’m just going to post some great quotes I copied and from someone elses site….  these are the words of John Wesley; a great man of faith … Continue reading

Big things

Why bother believing for big things?  Why do we long for impact?  Why do I want to be apart of something big, great, impactful?  Is that somehow written in our DNA?  We are created with a desire for something bigger than us, for transcendence – to touch something beyond us . . .  I have … Continue reading