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When the Earth is Shaking

Most have heard about the huge devastation in Haiti (I actually wrote about it).  Hopefully you heard about the huge quake that hit Chile last week.  And today, we learn of the one that just happened in Taiwan.  Wow! The Haiti disaster has been very moving to many.  But, I felt personally connected when I heard about … Continue reading

Let Praise Arise in Haiti

Right now, the attention of the globe is on Haiti, and rightfully so!  The devastation there is immense, and overwhelming.  If you don’t know much, rather than recount the details, you can look here:  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CB_HAITI_EARTHQUAKE?SITE=ILMOL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT One thing that’s been very interesting, and wonderful, is the amount of attention being given to both PRAYING and HELPING … Continue reading

Random things

First, I should note that I put a small update on the Baby page — and in a week or so, we’ll have NEW baby pics (in utero, of course)!  If you’re one of the many following that… check back soon! I also posted some links on the Nations page.   Next: A Quote.  Because this … Continue reading


So, I was in the apartment workout facility, with CNN on the TV today, and was SO excited [not exactly the right word] and surprised to see a commercial from Voice of the Martyrs!!!  Voice of the Martyrs is an organization dedicated to helping, and exposing the horrendous persuction that is perpetrated against Christians in … Continue reading

We’re All Connected

I love the nations!  As a child I was fascinated by different cultures and people that seemed exotic in some way.  I had a certain sense of pride in being friends with those who were “different” —  ethnically, or otherwise.   Today, that fascination has grown into a life focus.  I’m committed to not getting too caught … Continue reading