Furnace Ministry Update- September 2010

Well, here I am. It’s been about a week that I’ve been on-campus full-time at Michigan State University, and I’ve barely had a chance to sit still!!  It’s been busy!  After four years doing ministry there (part-time) I thought I would be prepared, but I was not!!  So much to do – and God keeps opening up more doors!  Here’s what’s been going on just this week!

  1. MSU PrayerStorm 2010– a 7-day, 24-hour prayer chain for the first days students are on campus for the semester.  I intitiated and organized this.  Several individuals and groups from my church and the surrounding area (and a few from out of state!) invested serious time in “flooding” the campus with prayer, in faith for a great harvest of souls this year!  I’ve already received a few testimonies of God’s power and intervention on campus in different ministries!
  2. As a part of the PrayerStorm, I led a special prayer time with the International House of Prayer-Lansing and daily prayer times on campus.  It was powerful!
  3. Sparticipation:  the annual start-of-year student organization fair and party/carnival (sponsored by the University).  All the student groups are on display for the 8000+ new students to come and meet.  I was there, sharing about the Furnace, and connecting with other Christian groups, spreading the vision of prayer.  It was a hot day, exciting and fruitful!
  4. We had our first MSU Prayer Team meeting – the once a month gathering of ministry leaders for fellowship and prayer.
  5. I attended the 10 year anniversary of King of Love University church at Eastern Michigan University, my alma mater.  It was as a students at EMU, and in that ministry, that the Lord began to plant seeds in my heart for prayer, the University, and ultimately, what I’m doing now!

Last month, I had a great time sharing the vision of prayer and the Furnace at new church called Oasis East Lansing, pastored by good friends of ours.  Their church is only one year old, and it was fun to be there to encourage them a bit and see the good things God is doing!

I also had my last service “on staff” at Spirit of Christ Church.  Some would think that would be sad or bittersweet, but not at all!  The church has been SO good to me and sent me off with a commissioning prayer of blessing, a card with lots of words of appreciation and a BEAUTIFUL new Bible with my name on it!  SOCC will remain our home church, so really this is just a transition and change of roles, but we have been super blessed in the process.  It’s really neat how clearly “right” this change has been.

I have such a huge sense of DESTINY right now, knowing that I am RIGHT where I’m supposed to be doing exactly what God wants in this season!  It’s become clearer and clearer that the ministry of intercession is what God is up to right now, because He has great purposes that He wants to release and souls He desires saved at MSU!  Prayer is the key that unlocks His purposes!  It is our grand privilege to partner with God to bring Heaven to Earth through prayer (Matthew 6:9-10)!  Who are we that He is mindful of us – to bring us to the heights of Heaven with Him (Psalm 8:4-6, Ephesians 2:4-10)??  How awesome it is!

What a ride!  And, we’ve only just begun!  The Fall is full of wonderful plans, and who knows what else will crop up as we go along – it’s a fun ride!  Here are some of the things coming real soon:

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, on campus, October 3.  Check out this international movement at www.daytopray.com.  If you’re in the area, you’re invited to join!  Details will be posted on the Furnace website: www.FurnaceMSU.com

“I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”, with Dr. Frank Turek, October 5th.  The Furnace has co-hosted Dr. Turek twice on-campus already, and his presentations are off the charts amazing.  He really engages skeptics, seekers and believers all very well.  He challenges and equips, and can give a solid answer to almost any question.  This event is a great evangelism opportunity – pray that many groups and individuals will take advantage of it and that many hearts will be impacted with Truth!

MSU Ministries Prayer Breakfast.  A small group of friends and I decided to put together a prayer breakfast to invite all the campus ministers to come together and pray last Spring and it was a HUGE success.  By popular demand, we’ve decided to do it once a semester.  This semester’s will be October 16thPray for the Lord to smile upon the gathering and all the preparations!  It’s our desire that as we gather together, the Lord will release His blessing at MSU (Psalm 133).

So many great things happening – it’s a blessing to be a part of it all – and I’m so glad that YOU are a part of it as well!!  You are TRULY a part of what God is doing here at MSU – I hope you feel as blessed as I do, as we sow into this ripe harvest field!

As of this writing, I’ve been able to raise about ½ of my monthly financial support.  BIG THANKS TO YOU WHO ARE GIVING!! This is a good place to be, and, due to the great generosity of a few one-time gifts (thanks, again!!), I’m off to a good start.  I’d still like to find some more monthly supporters to be fully funded as a campus missionary and to cover ministry expenses.  If you know of anyone who might have a heart for investing in ministry on the campus, let me know!  I’d love to talk with them!

I’ll sign off for now – thanks again for being a part – for your prayers, your giving, your friendship!  You are loved and appreciated!!

-Jessie Still

*If you would like to give, visit the Join the Team page!!

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