MSU PrayerStorm 2010

Great rains bring a great Harvest[follow this link to sign up for prayer time]

On August 28th, 2010 8,000+ Freshman students will begin to move onto the campus ofMichigan State University. These young men and women will be experiencing “life on their own” forthe first time.  They will begin exploring the many opportunities and experiences this big 10 Universityhas to offer.  A time of profound life-shaping is beginning. The decisions made in the first days,
weeks and months of college can set the trajectory for the rest of their lives.
Soon after the Freshman move in, the rest of the 47,000+ students will begin to arrive on campus,and a new school year will commence.  The unique culture of campus life will come alive once againwith this temporary population converging in a seedbed of learning, innovation, and truth-seeking.

The future framers and shapers of our world are here on the college campus.The beginning of the Fall semester is an exciting and intense time for students and campusministries.

It’s also an extraordinarily strategic time.  Campus ministers know that contact madewith students in these first days is essential, because there is a unique openness in students for trying and exploring new things, and it’s a prime time to initiate relationships with them You will findministries and their leaders working full-force doing all kinds of things to reach as many students aspossible during these days.  Why?  So that by all possible means they might save some (I Corinthians 9:22)!  With so many precious souls in one place, most of whom do not have the hope of Heaven, it’sonly right to give all to reach them within this strategic season! Do you sense the urgency? The harvest at MSU is truly plentiful! We must PRAY to the Lord of the harvest that theseworkers would be SENT in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, that the harvest would truly bereaped (Matthew 9:38! We are calling for a Prayer Storm to arise in these first seven days, August 29th-September 3rd. We’re asking the Body of Christ to enlist and “soak the ground” of the MSU with a heavy rain of prayer.  We want to see a continual 24 hour chain of prayer directed at the
campus for these seven strategic days.
This heavy rain will bring a bigger harvest this schoolyear. Will you believe with us and contend in prayer for it? Please

sign up for prayer time here. You can sign up for one hour time slots for yourself, your churchor your group. There is no set location.  Pray wherever you are or wherever your group meeting –just pray! May Jesus be glorified at MSU!

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