Furnace Update- October 2010

Fueling a campus Awakening through prayer

Jessie Still- Campus Missionary to Michigan State University Update: October 2010

Greetings friends, family and partners!  The students at MSU just finished mid-term exams – MID-TERMS!!  The Fall semester is FLYING by – and it’s been wonderfully and beautifully busy!!  I’d like to say things are settling into a rhythm, but it’s not really true!  So many good and unexpected things are happening – I can only believe that we are in a sovereign and supernatural season at MSU!  I’m loving it—and I’m so glad that YOU get to share in it as well.  We really ARE in this together!!  Here are some highlights:

Keeping the Fire Burning

-The Furnace currently hosts FOUR weekly prayer meetings in three different campus locations.
-We have about 5 different ministries represented, joining together in prayer.
-Regular prayer attendance includes undergraduate students, graduate students, campus ministry staff workers, and a few community members.

This is pretty exciting considering we started the school year off with me, one student, and one ministry committed to being involved!!  We are fueling a campus awakening through persistent, unified prayer!!

Explosion of Evangelism!!

We hosted national author/speaker Frank Turek for his “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” presentation this week.  One of the beautiful aspects of this event was that it was hosted in partnership with Vision Christian Campus ministries and Epicenter of Worship church, which are predominantly African-American groups.  It was a blessing for all involved to join in unity to see the Truth shared powerfully to the campus.  We were able to fill one of the larger lecture halls (about 400 people total!) with believers, seekers and skeptics.  Much prayer went into the event, and it was powerful!  Now is the task of following up with all who visited – pray that the follow up would be fruitful and that many souls will be brought into the wonderful Kingdom of Light and Love!

In the same week, Epic, another campus ministry/church brought in another speaker, Cliffe Knechtle (see picture on the right) who spent three days out on campus answering questions about faith with any/all students who passed by.  The response was amazing!  There was a large crowd gathered for hours each day, to hear Cliffe!  Students enjoyed dialoguing with him, because he was so kind, respectful and loving towards them (this isn’t always the case with “campus preachers”) – he also had SOLID answers for pretty much every issue they brought up (though he wasn’t afraid to say “I don’t know”, either!).  Praise the Lord – hundreds, if not thousands had meaningful interactions and conversations about the reality of Jesus through this. He topped off the week by having a moderated debate with a well-known atheist with Q&A following.  Many seekers and skeptics were in attendance.  Please pray that the seeds planted would find good ground in their hearts, and God’s Word would bear good fruit!

The Furnace was integral in the promotion of these events, but most importantly in PRAYING into these events — The joy of the Furnace ministry is that it serves as a bridge to connect groups and events, and to fuel ALL that God is doing on campus.  I think it’s the MOST exciting ministry to be a part of, because we get to participate in and celebrate it ALL!!  Aren’t you glad to be a part?? J

On a more “ground-level” note, some of the students involved with the Furnace have reported a significant increase of opportunities to share the Gospel with friends and others on campus.  Amy (our student president—that’s a picture of her, to the left!) reported two interesting incidences — just this week! — one where a stranger walked up to her and started a spiritual conversation, and another where a discussion group in her class ended up being ALL about faith!  We believe our prayers have been shifting the spiritual atmosphere, and that the Heavens are open over MSU! Again, YOU are a part of this!  Expect to hear more great testimonies coming soon! J

Redigging an old well

Spirit of Christ Church (where the Furnace is based, my home church) began at MSU about 35 years ago as God began moving on the hearts of many students and MANY came to know Jesus Christ.  God was doing great things ALL over the campus in that day, but much of it actually centered in Shaw Hall.  It’s been said that at that time, EVERY person that lived in Shaw Hall heard the Gospel (and many of them believed!).  It was a unique moment in MSU history.  Recently, many have felt that God is about to bring about a great Awakening to MSU.  People near and far (and some very well-known leaders!) have been receiving dreams about a significant move of God coming to the campus again- now!  I believe it!  And, similarly, there has been a sense that once again that Shaw Hall is a significant location.  So, it’s been in my heart to host some serious prayer there.  As I investigated, there was a lot of administrative red-tape involved in reserving a room AND a minimum charge of $50 for EACH use.  I was determined to push ahead though – and someone came forward offering to pay for us for the whole semester!  That was encouraging, but I was still convinced that there was another way.  Soon, through some student connections, we were able to get into one of the conference rooms, for FREE!!  So, the Lord has paved a way, and we now have a weekly prayer time in Shaw Hall, redigging that well of Revival, believing that God is going to overflow the original walls of that well and spill out to the whole campus with a Great Awakening! 🙂

Coming up:

Intervarsity’s Compelling Conference, November 12-14 I’m honored to be invited to participate in this very strategic gathering of students from all over Michigan, happening on the MSU campus.  I’ve been asked to coordinate a “live” prayer room that will host intercession during the conference.  There will be 400+ leaders, students, and future world-changers in attendance.  There’s a “Discovery” track specifically for those who don’t know Jesus but want to learn more (many come to faith through this).  Also, many of the tracks will be doing REAL ministry and evangelism RIGHT ON OUR CAMPUS!  So, I believe it’s “compelling” to be a part of investing in such crucial ministry through prayer.  And, YOU can be involved!  The prayer room will be open for several hours a day, and we’re looking for those (like you) who would like to come and pray on-site, for these students and for the power of the Gospel being shared!  Email me if you’re interested (jessiestill@gmail.com)!

BIG THANKS TO YOU WHO ARE GIVING (and praying) !! It’s because of you that I can do what I do.  I’d still like to find some more monthly supporters to be fully funded as a campus missionary and to cover ministry expenses.  If you know of anyone who might have a heart for investing in ministry on the campus, let me know!  I’d love to talk with them!  J

Thank you for being a part – for your prayers, your giving, your friendship!  You are loved and appreciated!!

-Jessie Still

How to Give:

1.  Make a check out to Spirit of Christ Church, noting “Furnace” in the memo line and send it to SOCC, 8170 Coleman Road, Haslett, MI 48840, OR-

2.  Donate online (via PayPal), by visiting https://jessiestill.wordpress.com/join-the-team/ .  Alternately, you can visit the Furnace website: www.FurnaceMSU.com, and click on any of the “Donate” buttons.  PayPal is secure and will accept your donation via credit card, debit card or bank account.

Check out my blog!  www.jessiestill.wordpress.com

Email me! jessiestill@gmail.com

(517)974-1342    15673 Wood Road, Lansing, MI  48906

A ministry to the MSU campus from Spirit of Christ Church:  www.spiritofchristchurch.org

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