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No Decaf Jesus, please, and Baby pics!

First things first — new baby pics are on the baby page — I know that’s what most of you are interested in, anyway: www.jessiestill.wordpress.com/the-baby/ Click on that and enjoy. 

I’m working on another post… but for now I’ll share this one that I really enjoyed about knowing Jesus for REAL and not settling for the cheap version that gets easier and easier to find…. enjoy: http://www.luke18project.com/Publisher/Article.aspx?id=1000032126

God is good.  No matter what.  🙂

About Jessie

Lover of God. Husband. Dad. Director of the Furnace at Michigan State University.


One thought on “No Decaf Jesus, please, and Baby pics!

  1. I really enjoyed the article on decaffeinated Jesus, Jessie. It certainly reminded me of the Truth, and I am so glad you posted it.

    I hope Chloe is doing well, too! 🙂 She’s adorable.

    Posted by sarahlynae | May 26, 2008, 10:23 am

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