On Being a Dad

So, Chloe turned 2 yesterday.

2 weeks old, that is.

I’ve always heard people say that they “learned sooo much about God as Father” through having children.  I’ve already had people ask me if there have been any great revelations. . . .

Well, the answer is : No.  At least I don’t think so. 🙂  Perhaps in a few months or years I will have something profound to share.  For now, I’m just still a little overwhelmed, and my mind is blown (not to mention being a little sleep-deprived :)).  I look at that little life, that precious treasure, and it still doesn’t seem to compute that it is MY CHILD I’m looking at!!!  I don’t think God has that problem when He looks at us.  He knows we are His, and He loves us so much — and nothing could ever convince Him otherwise!

If you’re interested, you can find some pics of the first two weeks on the baby page: www.jessiestill.wordpress.com/the-baby/


One thought on “On Being a Dad

  1. No but He is just as awestruck about us as you are about Chloe…see you already learned something.

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