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Do I have any readers left out there in blog-world??  Hope so!!!  Life has been crazy for us.  Many parents tell me that it will kind of always be like that now that we have baby… but, i have to believe it won’t always be like THIS (I’ll explain more in a minute).  But, first, for those who avidly follow this blog JUST for the baby stuff… I posted a little something on the baby page that you will enjoy: www.jessiestill.wordpress.com/the-baby, just a snippet of life from the Daddy diaries….  lol. 

So, here’s the brief version of life since Chloe:  the Beautiful One arrived on April 16th — 2 weeks  before expected, and just as well, two weeks before Erica could finish her semester in Med School!  So, we take a week with us three holed up in the apartment, trying to figure life out.  Erica pokes her head above water the next week to try and catch up on EVERYTHING she missed (finals and all!) from the last semester. Finally able to wrap most of that up by the end of May.  Then, Erica dives head-long into studying for BOARDS, which were on June 15.  Day and night studying for her = day and night baby care AND Mommy care for me (cooking, cleaning, feeding, diapering, shopping…)  Boards happen on June 15th, ALL DAY — and worst day for Dad alone with baby ever (she wouldn’t take the bottles….).  The following weekend, Erica has to go to an all-day seminar/training for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Saturday the 21st) and then take the certification exam (Sunday the 22nd) = more Dad and baby alone time… but this time was a little better.  As Erica arrives home sunday afternoon, I’m packing to head off to Discipleship Traning school (week-long conference for high schoolers that I help run).  Mommy and baby are doing alone time for the whole week, the first time Erica has “off” ever.  One caviat, though… we’re supposed to MOVE on the 29th/30th!!!  So as all of this is going on, we’re packing up 7 years of life in our little apartment!!  On the 28th, I arrive home from DTS, exhausted and beging the final stretch of the packing marathon.  On the 29th, we’re packing up as soon as we get home from church.  A few sweet friends come over to load up the Uhaul with as many boxes as possible and we get them into our NEW HOME (!) at about 9:30pm.  Back to the apartment to finish packing what we can… till the wee hours of the morning.  We wake early on the 30th (we have to be out of the apartment on this day!) with the baby and pack up all the kittles and Chloe in the car, with all of their parephenalia, to get them secured in the new home before the moving frenzy begins at 10am.  9:50am, a car full of young college dudes arrive, ready to get to work (yay!  thank you Jesus, and thank you guys, i love you!!!!).  Furniture begins to move out of the apartment at an alarming rate.  Other church friends continue to arrive and go to work.  Beve Place goes to work cleaning up the whole place and taking care of last minute details.  The apartment is empty in about an hour and a half, AND CLEAN!  It takes a while longer to actually pack it all into the Uhaul — and EVERY bit of space is used.. . um, we have more stuff than I ever dreamed.  We carpool over to the new duplex, where Erica has lunch ready to go, and her sister Christina is enjoying taking time with Chloe.  The moving crew digs in appreciatively, but swiftly moves into unpack action, and the truck is completely empty in about 40 minutes!!!  Unbelievable!! 

Now, here we are in a great new home… it looks like a bomb went off, though!!  Baby takes total priority over the unpacking/organizing… but it’s slowly coming together.  And, we’re trying to take a breath… could it be true that we might soon settle into to some sanity and be able to just live life, be a family, etc.?? 

Life is an adventure!!   🙂

5 thoughts on “update on life…

  1. Thanks for the update. I was wondering how life has been going for you and Erica and Chloe lately. Now, I’m all caught up. God bless you all.

  2. I need more Chole time! =) Can’t wait to see the place on “Dedication” Sunday! Love you guys!

  3. Yes I’m still here and Reading. but hey, don’t worry, it gets more and more fun. just and 4 more and you to can have the fun that Sarah and I have had. LOL. I’m not as faithful to blog as you but mine is still out there, check it out, i need to know if i’m pushing to close to the line or not. Love you guys. Steven

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