Praying for America: Let the Church ARISE!

As we join in these seven days to pray specifically for our nations, I am excited because I know that God is up to something GOOD!
So, as we begin this time, I believe it’s important to begin with the right focus: God. He is good! He has GOOD plans for us and for our nation. Let that be starting point for all your prayer this 7 days.
And, as we consider how to look to our God for our nation, I want to encourage you to pray for THE CHURCH. Let’s pray for those who have faith in Jesus Christ and are the people of God in the U.S. Why? Because the Church is Jesus’ Body on the Earth. If we want God to bring change and transform our nation, He wants to do it through His People! Additionally, if there are systemic problems, rampant immorality, injustice… it’s because the Church has not truly been living in her identity as the Ekklesia, the called out people of God. If there’s a problem, it’s OUR problem… and God’s desire is that the Church become the ANSWER, not the problem. 
So, as we consider our nation, the many events taking place, and our desperate need for God, we’re not looking and praying about “them”, passing judgment on those who don’t know God. We need our hands, not pointing fingers, but lifted in prayer for the Church. And, guess who that is? You and me. Yep. We’re not blaming anyone else, we’re setting the focus first on ourselves, and asking God to awaken us from our slumber! 
 Jesus is building a Church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against, and we are meant to be a part of it. We are meant to partner with Him in destroying the works of the devil! Any one can look and see the fruit of sin and unrighteousness, our lack of God. That doesn’t take any faith. Faith believes for something DIFFERENT, something BETTER. Love always HOPES. Always BELIEVES. And, this is that stance we must take — the stance of Faith.
In fact, I believe this could be our (the Church’s) greatest hour! We are meant to ARISE & SHINE! We don’t cower in fear, or bemoan the state of our nation… we take our place in Faith and Love!
Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and  the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
 For behold, darkness shall cover the earth,
    and thick darkness the peoples;
but the Lord will arise upon you,
    and his glory will be seen upon you.
  And nations shall come to your light,
    and kings to the brightness of your rising.
(Isaiah 60:1-3)
As we see the day we live in (some might even call it a “thick darkness”), get excited!! Because the glory of the Lord is ON us, and He Himself will ARISE UPON us, His people!  It’s time for the Church to arise! It’s time for the Ekklesia to SHINE in with the love and glory of our King, Jesus! 
King Jesus, you are so good! Thank you for bringing light to my life. Thank you for the great kindness of knowing You! Now awaken me from my slumber so that I may see Your glory rising on me. Awaken Your Church to the great hour of destiny you have given her in our nation! Cause us to arise and to SHINE, to live the Light of Jesus today. Let such a great glory to arise on us that NATIONS come to You because of the goodness, glory and love that we display! Revive us, oh Lord! 
It’s a good day!
-Jessie Still

One thought on “Praying for America: Let the Church ARISE!

  1. Hello Jesse,

    My name is Tony Cherniawski and I live in Mason. I have a very large garden and raise food on my small farm to donate to the community food bank and St. Vincent De Paul Society. I recently had a heart attack, leaving me with multiple crops to harvest before it freezes. If you or your team can help, call me at (517) 331-5200.

    Help would be appreciated!

    God Bless!


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