Fellowshiping with the Spirit

2 Corinthians 13:14  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and  the love of God and  the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
How often are you aware of the fact that GOD’S Spirit is living INSIDE of you? It’s a radical and stunning truth! Friendship with God (as referenced in the previous post/email) is mainly walked out in relationship with Holy Spirit.
{This post is part of a 40-day season of fasting and prayer that my church is doing called “Rend 960”]
He (the Spirit) is the One who is WITH us at all times, leading, guiding, speaking. We must learn to love and value His Presence with us. The more we make ourselves aware of Him, the more of Him we will see, and more of His activity will be released in our lives! If we are to truly walk as friends of God, be MUST learn to fellowship with the Spirit.
Every day, I pray through an acronym of the word “TRUST”, created to increase interaction with the Spirit. I find the prayer outline to be extremely beneficial as a way to start each day off well. Here’s my simple outline. Keep in mind, this is an outline, you’re supposed to fill it in with your words and thoughts, not simply pray empty words.
T- Thank You; “Thank You, Holy Spirit, for living inside of me.”
R- Release Revelation; “Help me to hear what you are saying and see what You are doing today. Reveal Your heart to me.”
U- Use Me.  I want to bring Your Presence to every situation I am in today.
S- Strengthen me. Give me Your strength to do all that You’ve called me to do today.
T- Teach Me Your ways. Teach Me Your Word.
I have been praying this consistently for quite sometime now, and as I begin to pray slowly through it each day, I many times finding Him giving me new revelation RIGHT THERE about Him and His ways. It’s been a wonderful journey! I’d like to encourage you to try praying this daily, at least for the 40 days. After a few days you’ll have it memorized, and after a few weeks it will be a habit — in fact, you’ll probably want to continue after REND is over! You’ll be greatly benefited, and will enjoy it :).

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