Devotional Study of the book of Revelation

I’m collecting here a devotional study I put together on the book of Revelation a few years ago. It’s meant to help those who may be unfamiliar with the book of Revelation to connect with it at a heart-level. It’s not exhaustive at all. And, it only really works if you “participate” and do your part. For example, you’re expected to read the referenced chapter before reading the article. Then it asks questions/gives little assignments. You will get the most out of it if you do those things.  Enjoy!

A Devotional Study of the book of Revelation

The goal of these short posts is to find personal meaning in each chapter. It is not an in-depth examination of every detail of the book. 

4 Things You Must Understand about this Book 
Revelation 1- What’s Going On Here? 
Revelation 2- How to Stand in the End 
Revelation 3- Better than Gold 
Revelation 4- We Must Be Stunned 
Revelation 5- the Plot Thickens 
Revelation 6- Who Can Stand? 
Revelation 7- Sealed 
Revelation 8- Let Your Kingdom Come 
Revelation 9- The Least Severe; the Deepest Love 
Revelation 10- Eat the Scroll 
Revelation 11- Here Comes the Kingdom 
Revelation 12- We Will Overcome 
Revelation 13- Clash of Kingdoms 
Revelation 14- Fear God and Give Him Glory 
Revelation 15- Great and Marvelous are Your Deeds 
Revelation 16- Just and True are Your Judgments 
Revelation 17- Babylon the Great 
Revelation 18- Taking Down Babylon 
Revelation 19- Hallelujah! 
Revelation 20- Heaven on Earth 
Revelation 21- All Things New 
Revelation 22- “I Am Coming Soon!”

2 thoughts on “Devotional Study of the book of Revelation

  1. hello Jessie I havent looked in detail at any of your sections yet but I plan to do so very soon – this coming holiday season in fact .. I have thought for years that this book is ideally suited to devotional aspects of the believer’s life and is probably the best way into it. So much is written and spoken of Revelation as “foretelling” (which is OK of course) that this approach can drown out all others. well done for your approach & I loko forward to having a read!! Best wishes, John Tate Liverpool UK

  2. I started Rerevlation on my own time GOD IS blessing me not only in wisdom and understand ING and knowledge in him but in my memorizing of bible verses and memorizing seven churches in revelation and understand end- times thank GOD

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