What I Meant to Say Was . . .

Inevitably, whenever I get to share a message in church (or to any other group), my heart is always full and bursting with way more content than time (and attention spans) will allow.  Last Sunday was no different as I shared on how to Embrace a New Season (get audio file here).

The Lord is good, He fights the battle for us, and always desires to lead us into victory! He is always faithful to do His part, but we have to do OUR part, and He will not do it for us. I did share that, but one piece that I didn’t get to share, that I felt was very important was this:

As I shared from Joshua chapter 23, Joshua instructs God’s people that He will lead them to victory and give them the land, but they are not to make yoke themselves with to the people of the land, because they would lead them into idol worship, etc.

Here’s the take-away on that:

Compromise is a guaranteed killer. If you make deliberate choices to live in ways that you know God doesn’t want, you will lose. Victory is sure when we stay faithful to the Lord in every way. Not meaning you never sin, but when we conscientiously say “no” to God in any given area in a sustained, rebellious way, we will not be able to enjoy the victory, we will not walk into our Promised land (these were Joshua’s final words in this passage).

So, what do we do?

Let us be tender before him, always moldable, never embracing compromise, but keeping alive our fight against sinful ways, and being quick to repent. Trying to become like those who do not know God will lead us to disaster. We do not copy the customs and ways of the world around us and copy the culture of a lesser kingdom, we are called to bring the Greater Kingdom!  We don’t subject ourselves to lesser ways. We belong to the King, and we live in the ways of His Kingdom! We don’t compromise by taking on the “ways of the world”, instead, we show them the better way, the pure ways and glories of our King. In Him is TRUE Life and life abundant!

We LOVE radically

Obey unswervingly

We pray until His Kingdom comes

We release Heaven through worship

and walk in the power of the Spirit. 

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