Time to Fight

I’m not usually a “rhymer”, but, I’ve been very stirred about these issues, and my thoughts were coming to me in rhythms, so I wrote them down.  Maybe someone with a better gift will be inspired to take this on and refine it.  For the rest of you though, read on.

Pixels, pixels flashing on a screen
skin on skin a digital fantasy.
What’s the real name of that girl on the other side?
Is she really having fun or does she wanna run and hide?
Is this the life that she dreamed of as a little girl?
Objectified, observed by the watching world?
She’s a slave to the passions and pleasures of men,
Slaves themselves, trying to hide where they’ve been.
Bought and sold, like a trinket, time and again.
Used, abused, addicted and forgotten.

Where are the men that are meant to protect her?
Cherish her, honor her, love and treasure her?
Oh, they’re the ones with the supply and demand.
They’re the ones with the money going hand to hand.
Eyes filled with darkness, hearts heavy with shame
Listening to the lies, and won’t take the blame.
Caught up in the action on one side or another
Looking for a thrill or another hundred dollars.

And what about that girl out there on the street.
Says she’s a woman, but she’s only 13.
That makeup, hair and smile, all made to appease
Pay the price and she’ll do anything you please.
Takes another drug to numb the pain.
Tells herself she’s better here than home on the plain,
parent’s sold her for some supposed “gain”.
Where’s her Prince Charming,
where’s her Daddy dear?
Where are the dreams of this young girls heart?

Adam oh Adam, what have you done to Eve?
She’s the bone from your bone and flesh of your flesh.
Now you treat her like an object, one you can take and leave.
Is this the way it was meant to be?
Sure, we hide it, ignore it, say, “oh no, that’s not me!”
But who’s the guy with his fingers on the computer keys?
Rolling the mouse over another picture,
feeding the mental fantasies.

My friends, oh my brothers, this should not be!
We’ve been set free,
no longer to be subject to a yoke of slavery!
Once we were dead, but now we’re alive
Once blind, but our Savior has opened  up our eyes!
Tell yourself the Truth and step out of that closet.
Shut the door with a bang, turn the knob and lock it.
Throw away the keys to that secret life of sin
Get down on your knees and start over again.

You are the warrior, the knight in shining armor
Made to rule and reign not cower in the corner.
You’re life is in Christ, you’ve got the victory, now use it.
Go fight for love and justice – you’re the one to do it!
Let your secret life be making war in the heavenlies,
praying in the Spirit, wearing holes in the knees of your jeans.
Use the money in your pocket to set the prisoners free,
and treat every woman you know like a true beauty.

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