The Call – poem by Denise Rowe

Many of you know that about a month ago we met our son, Samuel, very prematurely and quickly said goodbye as he made his eternal home with Jesus (you can check out my review of those events here). My wife are doing very well now.  The Presence and Grace of God has been very real and tangible through this process.  We received so much love and kindness from others as well.  I wanted to share one of those gestures that really touched me.

One of our friends who is a gifted writer (among many other things), Denise Rowe (, wrote a piece for us in response to the event.  I thought it was beautiful.  Enjoy!

The Call ~ 11/11/11

(for Jessie)

My call from God’s been crystal clear
I live to intercede ~
through praise and worship, prayer and song
it is the air I breathe.

Corporate gatherings at State
fire up my heart
intercession for Detroit
I went to do my part.

That kind of call’s not hard for me
to hear and then respond ~
there came a call the other day
I did not want from God.

My wife, my little girl and I
were waiting for some joy.
The due date was still months away
we were to have a boy.

But as my intercession rose
with thousands on that night
I got a message on my phone
that things just weren’t right.

The scripture says the Spirit groans
with things too deep for words
and as I raced to be back home
my prayer language was heard.

Too soon to leave his mother’s womb
(so tiny and so small)
our little boy bid us goodbye
and answered heaven’s call.


The pain we feel is raw and real
and tears of grief must flow to heal.
Our Samuel was “asked of God”
a gift we had to yield.


Long ago another root
of Jesse came and died.
It too did break His Father’s heart
His tears now flow with mine.

Copyright Denise Rowe 2011

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