Furnace Ministry Update- March 2011

Greetings, friends and supporters!  May grace and peace abound to you! 🙂

It’s been an eventful month (aren’t they all?)!  We are living in exciting times, and not only is it essential, but it’s WONDERFUL to be walking with Jesus!

[Traveling & TV!]

This month began with the students at MSU going on Spring Break.  Perhaps HUNDREDS of Christian students used this time to go serve others in the Name of Christ, and others were on mission (mostly in other parts of the U.S), actively spreading the Gospel!  Praise God for the faithful witnesses He is raising up in this generation!  Our prayers are bearing fruit!

So, while they were on “break”, I got to travel around the state and do some different kinds of ministry.  I visited a few supporters and enjoyed that very much (sorry it’s not possible to visit EVERYONE..).  And, I was given the opportunity to share a vision for PRAYER on TWO different Christian TV stations!  One was a one-hour interview show on the TCT network station in Saginaw.  On a side note: if you don’t have TCT on your local cable network, request them (this is how new channels get added!).  You can also check them out online: http://www.tct.tv/.  They had me on a one-hour interview show called “Michigan Alive”.  It was a fun experience, for sure!  I haven’t seen the program yet, but it’s supposed to air in April sometime!  I also was given a spot on our local (Lansing) Christian station, GNS!  I took Amy Ostroski (the student president of the Furnace) with me, and we taped a 30-minute spot, talking about what God is doing at MSU.  This one has already aired, but if you’d really like to see it, I can send you a copy!  Feel free to share it with others, as I love to spread the vision far and wide!  We know that what God is doing isn’t just for MSU, it’s for ALL of His people — so, jump in!

[Investing in others]

Coming off of Spring Break I was off and running with an opportunity to speak to a student group called University Christian Outreach (UCO), and leading worship for a special worship and testimony night with the undergraduate chapter of Intervarsity.  These were both tons of fun, as I have a very fond relationship with both groups, and it’s exciting to see how my investments in their groups, friendships with the leaders, etc. are bearing fruit.  There’s a significant stirring in both groups in all the things I love: PRAYER, intentional evangelism, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is going to do great things, and glorify Jesus through them!  I’m so privileged and honored to be a part of so many neat things the Lord is doing — and SO ARE YOU!  I wouldn’t be doing this without YOUR partnership.

[Unity + Prayer + Evangelism = GLORY to Jesus!]

So, that could have made for a full month, but it only gets BETTER!  As I mentioned before, March 20-25, several Christian groups banded together for a united outreach thrust on the campus with the theme:  “Pictures of Hope”. The week consisted of:

a kick-off rally, with worship and prayer for the week, as well as training in an evangelism tool called “Soularium” (http://mysoularium.com/).  I had the joy of sharing briefly with the hundreds of students there a vision for prayer & evangelism.  🙂

Students from all the ministries  sharing the Gospel in EVERY dorm! And yes EVERY dorm was saturated with the message of the Gospel!  How incredible that the Body could take the Good-News to (potentially) EVERY on-campus student!

A Prayer Tent that was operating 24 hours a day during the outreach. (I was specifically in charge of this aspect of the week, although UCO probably did way more to make it happen than I did).

A large evangelistic event entitled “Hope-a-Palooza” on the final evening, with bands, students sharing testimonies, and a speaker bringing a strong word on the hope that Christ offers to all people.  Hundreds filled our largest lecture hall, many non-believers and seekers!  I have already heard of some who committed their lives to Christ, and other who were deeply touched by the Truth of Jesus! I have yet to hear how many students heard the Gospel and were saved throughout the week!

It’s always beautiful to see the Body come together like this, since we do share a common harvest field at MSU!  So, I was so excited to be a part of the planning team.  I was also SO pumped because it was prayer AND evangelism — and I always say that these two are “married”!  The director of our Campus Crusade for Christ looked at me at the kick-off rally and said, “This is like your dream come true, right?”  🙂

The prayer tent  become one of the HOTTEST spots on campus that week, with numerous students filling the tent with worship, prayer, praise and joy — at ALL HOURS of the day and night!! There were healings and spiritual breakthroughs that happened in individual lives RIGHT THERE in the tent! It was truly like a “tent of meeting”.  God met us all there!  You know God is up to something when students are EXCITED to go out into the FREEZING COLD (yep, it was icy and wet during this week), in the middle of the night, to PRAY — and they would stay there for HOURS!  The tent was the “fuel” for the extensive outreach going on all week, and we believe will reverberate in many days to come!

So, there you have it!  Again, TAKE JOY in what YOU get to be a part of.  I know I’m enjoying the ride.  Thanks for your friendship, love and support.


p.s. if you’d like to donate to the ministry at MSU, visit the Join the Team page!  Thanks!

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