Furnace Ministry Update- February 2011

Jessie Still– Campus Missionary to Michigan State University.

Update- February 2011

Fueling a campus awakening through prayer.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. [Ephesians 2:10]

I LOVE MY LIFE!!  I am having SO MUCH FUN walking with Jesus in the ministry at MSU.  As I marvel and wonder at all that He is doing — how amazing, powerful and cool it all is — the verse above keeps ringing in my heart.  It’s clear to me that all that is happening at MSU is GOD’s work — He’s the One doing it.  And, I feel like I’m just riding a wave as all these things He has prepared continue to unfold.  It’s an exciting an adventure and journey.  Truly, an Awakening is stirring and we are fueling it in the Furnace of prayer! 🙂

Seeing the Effects:

A campus ministry staff worker bowing in prayer


I meet monthly with a group of campus ministers for fellowship and prayer.  Our meeting this month was super exciting, because as different ones shared about what God has been doing, it’s CLEAR to me that the spiritual atmosphere has been changing as a result of our persistent, unified prayers in our daily/weekly Furnace prayer meetings!  The reports were of a unique openness in the hearts of non-Christian students to engage in spiritual conversations, some even pursuing studying the Bible, and a documented INCREASE of SOULS SAVED

MSU Gospel Choir at the Collegiate Day of Prayer

on campus in the past year!! Hallelujah!!  I knew this stuff was working! 🙂


I was blessed to get to share with a ministry (not a campus ministry) called “Faith House” (www.faithhouselansing.org).  They asked me to come and share about how my friendship with Jesus has led me to where I am today, and share testimonies of how God is moving at MSU!  So, I did!  They were excited!  We all know that the great Awakening God is stirring up is NOT just for students.  So, it was fun to see God stir their faith up as well.  I was blessed to get to know them — I LOVE sharing about what God is doing and connecting with different parts of the Body!Holy Spirit Seminar- Round 2! After hosting the first Holy Spirit seminar last month, the excitement level was so high and the demand was there to “Do it again!”, so we did!  and,

Students pray for one another at the Holy Spirit Seminar

it was WELL worth it.  We had about 50% returnees and 50% new-attenders to the seminar.  This made for a cool dynamic, as those who had been there before were able to share their testimonies of how God had encountered them, and how their lives were being tranformed as  they learned to walk in the Spirit and exersize His gifts!  It has been a prayer in the Furnace for years for God to continue to fulfill His promise to pour out His Spirit on ALL people (Joel 2:28-32/Acts 2:17-21).  It’s SO COOL to see the evidence of His answers!  Those who were at the first seminar reported that they had been experiencing lots of visions, dreams (from God) and prophecies (the evidences listed of the Holy Spirit outpouring)!  And, those who were in attendance for the first time had life-changing encounters

the body of Christ at MSU, worshipping in unity!

with His power!!  He’s ALIVE and well!!  One of the coolest things that happened was in the very opening of the first session.  We started with a time of worship, and right THERE, the students began to prophesy and exersize the gifts of the Spirit, before they even got taught about them!!  How cool is that?!?  The Holy Spirit really IS the best teacher (I John 2:27).

Lift of the Name of Jesus!

Also this month was the (national) Collegiate Day of Prayer (www.collegiatedayofprayer.org).  We decided to set aside the WHOLE day as holy to the Lord, and w

the student team that led the Collegiate Day of Prayer

e truly saw His BODY respond!  We had an early morning prayer & worship time attended by several students from different ministries.  We set up an “open” prayer room for people to come and go during the day to pray for the campus.  The prayer room was full most of the day with multiple people praying together throughout the day —  different races, different ministries — all with ONE love: Jesus, and one Heart:  to see the campus know Him! It was a beautiful thing. 🙂  However, to top it off, we hosted a campus-wide prayer and praise event in the evening, inviting the Body to come together to worship or Lord Jesus Christ, and PRAY.  And they

DID!  We had about 100 people show up — all ethnicities, denominations and ministries gathered in ONE ACCORD to pray — and let me tell you, the place was SHAKEN (Acts 4:29-31)!!  The MSU Gospel Choir led us in some high praise, and MSU Alum and football star Todd “TJ” Duckett showed up to encourage the students, and to pray!  I was privileged to lead the evening’s events of worship and prayer, and these students REALLY prayed!  I believe the Awakening at MSU HAS BEGUN!! Our theme for the night (and all this year) was “Lift up the Name of Jesus — Let there be a Great Awakening”!!  You can see ALL the pictures from the event by going here: Facebook photo album.

Leading worship at the Collegiate Day of Prayer

those gathered to worship at the CDOP

Also, in correlation with the outpouring of God’s Spirit that we’ve been praying in:  at the event, MANY students reported receiving visions andwords from the Lord — without ANY instruction or direction to even seek those things!  We were simply gathered in Jesus’ Name and He showed up in power!! The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing, and it’s made to be FILLED with the activity Spirit!  This is TRUE Life! 🙂

So, you may be thinking, “What will you do to follow up on this event?  Shouldn’t there be some outreach to give God opportunity to answer these prayers?”  Well, in fact, the plans are ALREADY underway for a CAMPUS-WIDE outreach, involving ALL Christian groups, called “Pictures of Hope” , slated to span a WHOLE week, March 20-25)!
This is INCREDIBLE!  We’ll be  seeking to reach ‘every door in every dorm’, by involving ALL Christian groups!  Students will be taking the Gospel to EVERY student (as God enables them) in a systematic week of door-to-door and open-air evangelism. It’s REALLY exciting! The Furnace will hosting a 24/7 prayer tent on-cam pus during that week to FUEL the outreach and SEND these hundreds of students as laborers into the harvest!  More on that in next-month’s newsletter!  Look forward to it! 🙂

Asian students in passionate prayer

Puctuating our Perspective:

One of the prophetic words that was received by a student at the Holy Spirit seminar was that God is “tearing down all the walls”, and in the vision, the bricks of the wall became a fine powder — in other words, the destruction of the walls was PERMANENT, they canNOT be rebuilt!  I’m excited because I believe that the Lord was speaking to us about the movement that’s been happening to unite His Body (across ethenic and denominational lines) through prayer — to the glory of Jesus, and unto the salvation of souls!

Once again, thanks for your partnership in this ministry!!  I’m SO glad that YOU get to share in the joy that I have as we partner with Jesus in His ministry!  It’s sooo good, I don’t think I could ever keep it to myself!  May you be blessed as you continue to sow via prayer and finances into this RICH harvest.  May you experience the Light of His face shining on you!

Frank- crying out for his fellow students
joining in prayer across ethnic lines
students in prayer

Filled with JOY,
-Jessie Still

P.S. If you’d like to GIVE financially to this ministry, just visit the Join the Team Page to find out how!  Many blessings to you!

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