Furnace Ministry Update- January 2011

Wow!  What a start to the new year!  The Lord spoke to me right at the beginning of January that he was going to “draw me away” in friendship with Him, so that we can “run together”.  And boy have we been running!!  It’s been a lot of fun, but non-stop action — which is why this update is a little later than normal.

Equipping: I spent the winter “break” developing some resources to help encourage people in building their personal prayer life.  I posted them on the Furnace website: http://www.furnacemsu.com/buildingprayerlife.html.  Many people have already used the simple tool and been strengthened in their life with God!  You may want to check it out, too :).

Sharing!: I love when I get opportunities to speak and share with different groups!  With the first week of the new semester, I was already off and running, with two speaking commitments with two different campus ministries.  They both ended up being explosively fruitful.  One group (Asian Christian Intervarsity, pictured at right)  really caught the vision for the necessity of prayer to fuel campus mission — and jumped right on board with the Furnace!  The other group (Red Cedar Christian Fellowship, at left) I spoke to on the Desire of God, and it was a life-impacting and transforming moment for many students there. One student who has been seeking, but not yet committed to Jesus, was deeply touched and agreed to start an investigative Bible study with the staff worker!

Fanning the Flame in the Furnace: Of course we’ve been getting new prayer meetings underway for the new semester, and they have been powerful!  We are in need of new people to lead the meetings, and God is answering our prayer as new people are beginning to come who have a heart for this ministry and WANT to lead! Praise Jesus!  The fire will burn brighter and brighter in the Furnace — and will fuel a campus Awakening!

An Army Arising: By far, the highlight of the last month was last weekend as we hosted the Holy Spirit Seminar.  It was AWESOME!  We had about 50 people (students + a few staff workers), representing  SIX different ministries, who came together for a half-day of worship, teaching and activation into the power of God!  There was such a sense of expectation as we gathered, and the Presence and power of God impacted EVERY person there! I’m SO blessed to get to be a part of such sweet, God-orchestrated moments!  As I read and hear testimonies from the event, it seems to me that the Lord has lit a fire that cannot be quenched in the hearts and lives of those who were there!! And may it spread!  You know, wild fire can be dangerous, but HOLY fire is glorious!  So, let it burn, Lord!!  Here are a few quotes from those who were in attendance:

  • “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy and filled with joy in my life!”
  • “my eyes were BLOWN OPEN to  . .the fact that the stories in the bible ARE attainable and should be normal for our lives. I once had that kind of faith, but life started weighing me down and I lost it. BUT! through recent experiences, (including the seminar) my passion, faith, and hunger are being re-stirred and I am excited!!! I am no longer satisfied with where I am and what I have [experienced].. I want more… I want  . . . all that there is!”
  • “after reading scripture about the holy spirit and hearing about what you said at the seminar, my view of the holy spirit completely shifted. And I can definitely see that he is more prevalent in my life than ever!”
  • “. . during the ministry time I just felt this sense of something so much bigger than myself. And I sensed that the Lord was beginning to bring his promises to pass for this generation and for MSU. I just kept hearing in my head a call for this generation to rise up. I feel that what was experienced . .  . was just the starting point of the things to come.  I couldn’t help but sense that the Lord is starting to move and answer the prayers and fulfill the promises spoken over MSU in a very big way. “
  • “I feel like I have a new outlook on life and my faith. Its like I have a different outlook on God. I have always worshiped  God, but now I think of him so much more as an active God that loves us soooo much. He really wants whats best for us and wants us to ask Him for help. He gave us the Holy Spirit to do great things here, not for our glory, but for his. It gets me so excited just thinking about it.”
  • “It was truly one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.”
  • “it was so easy to hear from God!”
  • “I’m just so happy cause I feel like this HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And to think it only took like 5 minutes listening to God!”
  • “to hear . . .  that God is proud of me, that is like giving water to a very thirsty person. he LOVES me! and he thinks that I have done good!”
  • “God gave me a huge wave of relief today and I felt like a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders (which was why I couldn’t stop crying). I feel at peace and am so thankful for everything God has done and am excited for what He has yet to do through me. It’s such a great feeling!”

As you can see, God has a way of meeting each person just where they are and inserting His LOVE in such a powerful, life-transforming way.  I can’t help but think, if God used the early disciples, full of the Spirit, to turn cities “upside down” with the Gospel — WHAT will He do at MSU, with these fiery ones?!?!  It will be glorious!!  I think the fruits of this seminar already have been the highlight of ministry at MSU — but, the FULL harvest of fruit has yet to be seen!  I’m so excited!  And, you should be too!

Thanks so much for your partnership in this ministry.  As you can see, God is up to goo things – and you have a share in it! J  I hope you feel the same joy in YOUR heart as I do, as we co-labor with Christ in this ripe harvest field!  Make you experience the depths of His love if YOUR life!

-Jessie (Erica & Chloe) Still

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  1. Jessie, the e mail is so spread out just the connection to this form is all I need to read the letter correctly. Thanks, Lois

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