Building Your Personal Prayer Life

It’s a new year, and many are wanting to get “back on track” with their relationship with God — particularly growing in the area of personal devotion to the Lord.  In light of that, I’ve put together some very practical tools to help get you on your feet and moving in the right direction, or, if your pretty well-seasoned, consider it a refresher course. 🙂

Most Christians believe in prayer.  We believe prayer is good.
We believe that we should pray.  But, most of us struggle to
develop a consistent and vibrant personal life with God.  The
following is a guide to help you build a sustainable life with God —

-> QuickStart Guide
-This is a quick list to get you going if you just CAN’T WAIT.  If
you want more in-depth tips expanding on these, check the
videos. . . have fun!

1. Schedule it. Set a time and keep it like an appointment every day.
If you don’t make it a scheduled priority, it’s not likely to happen regularly.

Find the Time Planner on the
Resources page.

2. Worship. Sing with your iPod, play an instrument, read Psalms out
loud, or just tell God how good He is.  Worship will bring great vibrancy to
your prayer time.

3. Have a Bible reading plan. As some have said, “If you fail to
plan, you plan to fail” or, “If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it”.  So, have
a plan on what
you  want to read in the Word.  There are some good plans
on the
Resources page.

4. Make a Prayer List. Make a list of people you want to see God
touch, or of items of concern which need prayer.  It’s easier to stay focused
in prayer when we have a list as a guide.  Remember it’s a guide, to assist
you, not a structure to hinder you.

5. Keep a Journal. As Scriptures stand out to you, or God speaks to
you, jot it down, it will help you make it real in your life.  If you have questions
for the Lord, write those down as well.  A journal is a great tool to help
deepen your walk and interact with the Lord and His Word.

One thought on “Building Your Personal Prayer Life

  1. I will be back to watch the rest of this.. In prayer this morning I got the leading to read Luke 4:10-16 so I am going to do that before going on with your videos..Lois

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