Update, June 2010

 Still Family Update

May-June, 2010

Many things are changing these days with the Still family, we wanted good to share with with you all the latest news and our excitement about all that that is happening! Many of you have heard parts, or perhaps all of this, but just to make sure nothing/no one is left out, here goes!

Dr. Erica Still, D.O.!!

On Thursday, May 6th, Erica was officially “hooded” as a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. This was a very proud moment for us all! It has been a challenging journey (and it’s not over yet, with residency just ahead!), but this represents a fulfillment of a long-time dream of hers to be a Doctor and help those who are in need. She’s currently enjoying her first break from school/work in over 4 years (!). She’ll jump into her residency as a pediatrician at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing at the end of June and continue there for three years to become fully licensed. Our vision remains that this (Erica being a medical doctor) would be a useful tool to eventually serve those in need in Asia. We’re celebrating this milestone, and looking forward to more fulfilled dreams. 🙂

Our Little Treasure

Our daughter Chloe (who recently turned two years old!) continues to amaze and amuse us as she changes, learns and grows EVERY day. Just recently, she decided it was time to start using the toilet, so we’ll soon be done with diapers! It’s hard to believe how fast the past two years have gone! We started Chloe at a daycare center near our home, and she’s really loving interacting with the other kids and learning lots of new words. Her favorite things are: eating sausage, learning to ride her tricycle, riding on “Dada”’s shoulders, playing with the cats, singing songs and watching her movies (specifically DVD Bible stories and Madagascar 1 and 2).

Jessie is turning a New Page

Jessie has been serving at Spirit of Christ Church for about 10 years, serving as youth pastor for a few years, and as associate/administrative pastor the past several years. These years have been a very enjoyable season of learning, growth and service. During the past four years, he has also been investing time in campus ministry, developing “The Furnace”, a prayer ministry at Michigan State University (check out www.FurnaceMSU.com). Jessie’s stint on staff at the church will end in September and we feel that God’s direction at this time is for him to do full-time campus ministry.. Jessie has been able to lay a groundwork of relationships with students and other campus ministers, and looks forward to being able to join the movement as a missionary to Michigan State University. Jessie is excited about the university as a mission field because of the great convergence of so many students, leaders and cultures in one place. And, he sees a prayer ministry as the best way to make a deep and lasting impact there. Many have asked about the details of this ministry, and you can look forward to hearing more in future months [if you’d like to see more now, go here: https://jessiestill.wordpress.com/the-furnace-at-msu/].

So, there you have it, our next steps on this journey. 🙂 Life keeps us busy, as we’re sure it does you. We have REALLY enjoyed recent visits of family and friends to celebrate Erica’s graduation and Chloe’s birthday! We hope to send out more regular updates and would love to hear from you as well. We pray that you are richly and abundantly blessed as you are dearly loved!

Much love,the Stills: Jessie, Erica, Chloe + cats

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