Revelation 11: Here Comes the Kingdom!

First, let me encourage you to check the past entries comment sections where some questions and discussions have begun to bubble up. 
Chapter 11 starts with a really interesting account of Two Witnesses.  I don’t know about you, but seeing this unfold will be SO COOL!  Apparently two men (they really ARE men, see verse 6) will be endued with great power, and will prophesy on the earth for 1,260 days.  They will operate in the power of Moses and Elijah, able to call down fire, shut up the skies, etc.  Finally, when their ministry is finished, the Beast (Antichrist) will kill them.  Interesting to note, it’s only when they are finished that the Lord allows them to be killed. 
Why would He allow this? 
Well, first, for the believer, death has “no sting” (I Corinthians 15:15) — we have nothing to fear in death, so if these men are done with their ministry, death is no big deal, it’s actually a gift!  We graduate to Heaven!  But, there’s much more that the Lord wants to do here.  The AntiChrist thinks he wins by killing them, and then to shame them, leaves their dead bodies out for all to see (and presumable mock, “they had so much power, look at them now”, etc.).  Little does he know that he’s playing right into the hands of the powerful Scriptwriter, who uses their death to put a huge exclamation point on the whole thing by RAISING THEM FROM THE DEAD, right in public view of the whole world!  This testimony and the terror of the subsequent earthquake will cause many to glorify the Lord (and who knows how many will be saved by their supernatural ministry!)!
The Seventh Trumpet is sounded, and clearly it is an Announcement of what is happening:
God is here beginning to show His true colors, and not hide Himself anymore.  He is showing more and more of His glory in this drama as He continues to systematically destroy the Kingdom of darkness on the earth and begin to more fully establish His Kingdom.  The statement “He has begun to reign” is thrilling!  Can you IMAGINE??  Of course, Jesus reigns today in the hearts of those who say “yes” to Him, but He has never IMPOSED His rule and reign on the Earth. 
Are you beginning to see what is happening in the unfolding of the Father’s glorious plan?  He WILL enforce His Kingdom on Earth.  He will remove everything that stands in the way of His Kingdom of Love.  You could even say it’s a hostile takeover of the governments of the Earth.  That is what ALL of these judgments and events foretold in the book of Revelation are all about!  I tell you, it IS GOOD.  There has never been anything as GOOD and glorious as Jesus TRULY ruling the Earth.  Why would we fear?  Why would we want to be gone (removed from the earth before the playing out of this drama)?  When Jesus DOES take over the governments of the Earth, He will need faithful people to govern under Him!  Wouldn’t you like to take your place to rule and reign with Him on the Earth? 
Verse 18– “THE TIME HAS COME!”
for judging the dead,
      and for rewarding your servants the prophets
   and your saints and those who reverence your name,
      both small and great-
   and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”  
That’s pretty clear, isn’t it??
And Heaven is OPENED!!  (verse 19)
What do you think THAT looks like??
Let your holy imagination run wild as you meditate on that! 🙂
Comments welcome! 

3 thoughts on “Revelation 11: Here Comes the Kingdom!

  1. I add these comments from my facebook-

    Daniel Arnold at 8:00pm January 14-
    It is supernatural ministry, but once these people in mass take the Mark of the Beast, it is too late. Right?

    Jessie Still at 8:28pm January 14-
    yes, but who knows how many will not yet have taken the mark and will be saved by the remarkable testimony of these two witnesses?

  2. I’m so sorry for all these questions but…i have a few more. One is in the beginning of chapter 11, specifically verse 2. What does it mean when he says “exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will TRAMPLE on the holy city for 42 months.” What exactly does that mean?

    Another question is in verse 14. It says that the second woe has passed (when did that happen??) but when and what was the first?

    Thanks so much Jessie for being patient with me and helping me out!

  3. #TwoWitnesses? #Whodis?! #1260daysofprophesy #BreathofLife #3and1/2days! #SoundofSeventhTrumpet #OPENHEAVEN #THETIMEHASCOME #LetsgoJesus

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