Come, Lord Jesus


I know we’re just barely in the shadow of the holiday season, and it’s hard to think about “getting serious”.  But what better time to look forward to what’s next than after having a good time celebrating what was.  Put a marker down in remembrance of the good things the Lord has done, and now let’s press in to see what He has for us next! 


“Come, Lord Jesus!” – this is our cry in this coming season.  Just as we celebrated his first coming at Christmas, we eagerly anticipate His soon coming return to the planet!  However, this time He won’t appear as a baby in a lowly manger, but in glory and splendor, coming to set up His Kingdom on the Earth!  This the “blessed hope” of every believer!  What a great day it will be when our wonderful, loving, kind Savior is running the planet – and we get to govern it WITH Him! 


There are three facets of this cry for Jesus to Come. 


1.  Come into my life.  We are all in need of a deeper walk with Jesus, and truly He desires to encounter us in a mighty way.  We also each have prayer requests where we want the Lord to move and answer.  Begin to make a list now of these request, so that you can present them to the Lord DAILY during 504.  You will see Him come.  If you don’t make a list, how will you know when/if He comes with breakthrough?


2. Come change the world around me.  We also each have those in our lives who we’d like Jesus to touch and change.  Our nation needs Jesus, and the nations of the earth need Him.  Make a list of the things that burden your heart.  Plan to interceded for them in a focused way during 504.


3.  Come back to the planet.  Jesus WILL come again, PHYSICALLY to Earth and He’s going to come and rule and reign, and He’s going to stay!  This will be glorious!  Life will be SO much better when He is here and establishes His Kingdom!  But, He’s going to come in response to us crying out, and ASKING him to come.  He wants us to want Him here.  So, to prepare us for His coming, we are going to be studying the book of Revelation together. 


In our next installment, we’ll talk about some practical ways to set aside 504 hours and cry out “Come”. 


For now, though, I’d like to ask you a question.  Be honest – when you think of the book of Revelation, what is your first reaction?  Do you think, “hmm, scary”, “cool!”, “I don’t understand it”, “never really thought of it”, or…? 


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