Merry Christmas!

Hmmm.   It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  I was enjoying posting regularly (and having a regular readership  . . anyone left out there??).  Doing lots of “Mr. Mom” time along with work/ministry and life has kept me busy, and I guess blogging wasn’t high enough on the priority list.  Anyhow, time to refresh the blog!

If you’re a part of the SOCC family – you’ve found the right place!  This is where regular posts will be happening during 504 to discuss what we are studying in Revelation together.  I’m looking forward to our time as a family calling out “Come, Lord Jesus!”.  I know it’s going to be very special. 

To any others reading, Merry Christmas.  What a wonder-inspiring time of year this is — and not just for kids!  How can you not WONDER about God, Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth, bowing SO low to become one of us, a human — taking on the very nature of that which HE CREATED!  Not only that, to go so low as to subject His divinity to being found in the form of a baby.  A helpless, tiny, speechless infant. 

What was He thinking?  What was God saying in all of this??

Love.  God SO loved US.  That’s why. 

He wanted to make it clear that He was NOT just a God far away.  He wanted to make it clear that not only does He care about us and what’s happening here, but He’s willing to put Himself right in the middle of this mess we’ve made! 

It’s unthinkable!  But it forever deals with lies that many have believed:

“God doesn’t care about me.”

“God doesn’t understand.”  Yes, He does!  He’s been there, too! 

“God’s not involved with life on earth” (aka the “agnostic” view)

He is near.  And, that’s a good thing.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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