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Who Do You See?

Have you ever had someone draw a caricature picture of you? Usually at tourist traps or carnivals, you can pay an artist to do this. Generally, what happens is: they take your most prominent features and exaggerate them out of proportion, into something that is usually comical. I was pondering  the all-to-common vitriol these days … Continue reading

The Mystery of Walking with God and Human Leadership

Sunday morning at church I shared a few things on my heart that some may have considered “strong words”.  Essentially, it was an exhortation for us to look less to the externals of Kingdom life and “church” and more to the internal work of actually relating to God and knowing Him on a personal level, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Hmmm.   It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  I was enjoying posting regularly (and having a regular readership  . . anyone left out there??).  Doing lots of “Mr. Mom” time along with work/ministry and life has kept me busy, and I guess blogging wasn’t high enough on the priority list.  Anyhow, time to refresh the … Continue reading

Unity- Part 4

Really, I hoped to not be so “serious” and “spiritual” all the time on this blog . . . I’m just taken with this topic right now… someday soon (hopefully) I’ll have a “just for fun” blog… Part 4:  We go farther together.  This is one of the biggest hurdles for us in the Western … Continue reading

Unity- Part 3

okay, finally.  I’ve been wanting to continue this thread– this topic won’t leave me alone! but first, more important things: for those who are eagerly following along, I updated the Baby page, as we have our first PICTURE!!!  WOO! Check it out! What else is necessary for unity?  Humility. Ah, that crush to the carnal … Continue reading