The Furnace at MSU

As you may know, I have given myself to full-time campus ministry.  I head up a ministry called the Furnace [Prayer Movement] at Michigan State University.  Our vision is simple:

to feul a campus Awakening through [persistent, unified] prayer.

Why do ministry to the campus?

-The university campus is one of the most strategic mission fields on the earth.

-Universities are the idealogical training centers of our culture. If we impact them, we impact the world.

-Students come from all over the globe to attend American universities, some from countries where the Truth of Jesus is suppressed. We have an opportunity to reach them right here.

-The students who currently attend the university are the next generation of global development: doctors, lawyers, teachers, business leaders, government officials, engineers, etc. Their lives, leadership and worldview will (re)shape our future. It is imperative to influence them now.

Why a prayer-focused ministry?  What’s the purpose?

The Furnace seeks to fuel spiritual awakening on campus through prayer.
-There are several campus ministries at MSU. The purpose of the Furnace is to encourage and establish prayer focused on the entire campus. A culture of concerted prayer will:

  • -Strengthen every campus ministry in its efforts to impact the university.
  • Change the spiritual atmosphere of the campus, affecting every person with the reality of God.
  • -Foster a basis for unity and cooperation among all Christians, who all share a common mission.

When Jesus saw multitudes of people in need of God (much like the 45,000 students at MSU), He felt great love for them and urged His friends to “PRAY that workers would be SENT. . “ to help them (Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 10:1-2) It’s overwhelming to think of how anyone could reach them all! Jesus’ assertion is that prayer is the way to exercise His authority and power to reach the campus with His love.

Many Christians seek to work for God, but they are most effective when they work with Him and when He sends them with His supernatural ability – which is the result of continual, concerted prayer. It is the way Jesus says ministry is to be done. So, while there are many laborers already at work at MSU (and there could always be more), they will be more effective if a “furnace” of prayer is there changing the “temperature” of the campus with the Presence and power of God.

I feel called to develop this movement of prayer at MSU — so that the 45,000 souls there would be affected, and, even the nations impacted. The glory of prayer is that there are no limits to whom and where you can reach. There are many people whose paths one might never cross, and others who may not want to hear what one has to say, but people cannot hide from the love of God released when we pray for them!

Check out the Furnace website here:

6 thoughts on “The Furnace at MSU

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  2. Love your logo, I am the associate Pastor at The Furncae Church in Gastonia. We are changing our logo and I wanted to see if you would give us permission to use yours.
    I will purchase a file if needed.
    Thanks and God bless

  3. Hello – this is Diane Kilpatrick from Journey Life Church in Holt, Michigan. We are beginning the training for SOZO deliverance and healing ministry. SOZO was begun at Bethel Church and we have their DVDs to train from. We will begin the training this Sunday evening at 6:00 at Journey Life Church, 2289 Cedar Street, Holt, MI. The training goes from February 17, 2019 to April 7, 2019 with a break on March 3, 2019. At the end of the training, we will have a retreat with the Bethel Approved Trainer. After the Retreat, we will be fully trained to offer SOZO sessions to our congregation. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to understand what SOZO is, please call me at (850) 464-8187 or email me at There is no cost for the training, but may be a minimal cost for the Retreat. Thank you for your consideration of this offering.

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