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Fast .. to slow

This is all reposted from 2 posts last summer, but I wanted to put them up again.  For me, and for any who might find it helpful…   This is obvious, perhaps, but I will say it nonetheless:  to fast WELL, really requires a purposefulness, giving it priority, and shifting your lifestyle for a season.  See, … Continue reading

me, a hypocrite?

If I had any regular readership on this blog, I hope I haven’t lost it with my lack of posting lately…. my blog ticker tells me that a few people out there are still checking in.  thanks!  So, a little confession today.  Is that ok? This is what is haunting my mind/heart… but, it is … Continue reading

Random things

First, I should note that I put a small update on the Baby page — and in a week or so, we’ll have NEW baby pics (in utero, of course)!  If you’re one of the many following that… check back soon! I also posted some links on the Nations page.   Next: A Quote.  Because this … Continue reading