There is One

This is transcription of a prayer I sang the morning after the shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida. There is much to be said, and much to be done in regards to these events.  However, I’d love for you to join my heart in prayer, as s the best place to start.

There is One
who is seated, above it all.
There is One who sits enthroned on high.

Above all the noise. Above the chaos, trials, and storms.
There is One. There is One.

He is the One, who sees all things rightly. He’s the One, who judges so fairly. For, He knows the end from the beginning. And he knows the source of it all.

Oh, He knows. He sees, and He knows.
and, he Loves. He Loves. He Loves.

And in righteousness, He judges, and makes war.
He judges rightly. He fights the right fight: for righteousness, peace and joy.
He fights the right fights, speaks the right words.
And, He always wins.

There is One. Only One.

And, there is only One found worthy.

Jesus, You are the One. Have mercy on us. You are the faithful One. Faithful to the end. We will not stop trusting in you. We will not stop looking to You.

We will not stop fighting where You fight, loving where You love. We will not top. For You are the One. The Only One, who will make all the wrong things right.

Come, Lord Jesus.


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