You Know You Want To!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re presented with an opportunity, but you’re unsure… and then the person presenting the option says, “C’mon, you know you want to!”? Unfortunately, many times in those situations the answer is “no, I don’t really want to! But, I’m feeling pressured by you!”. Sometimes then, we choose well and other times we don’t.

I have Good News for you! Our reading in Philippians today should have brought across this passage:

“Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.  For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Philippians 2:12-13

The three epistles we’ve read before this encourage us with great passion to understand that we have been made completely new. When our faith and trust is in Jesus, we are completely saved AND completely changed! Here in Philippians, the apostle Paul says we should work hard to show the results of this transformation. We should make it our aim, and take seriously the call to obey God in every way. Why? Because we CAN! When we were separated from God, we didn’t even have the ability to please Him and act in obedience to His heart. But, now that we’ve been made NEW in Christ, God Himself is working in us giving us the DESIRE to obey God’s perfect ways AND the ability to do it, every time! Wow!

So, when we read God’s standards, and hear the voice of His Spirit telling us what is right, the truth is, we want to obey! We WANT to be like Jesus!  Yep, it’s a lie that tries to tell you that your natural inclination is to sin, and that really at heart you are a “sinner”. It’s the devil that faces you with sin and tries to convince you, “you know you want to!”. If you are truly in relationship with Christ, it just isn’t true! When you get in touch with the real you, the new you, the Christ in you . . you find that actually you DON’T want to sin, you want to obey God, every time! You find in your heart that you desire God more than sin. You find something new in you.. new desires … and not only that, the ability to say “yes” to God and obey His voice and His Spirit! He empowers you to do it!  And, when you look into the His Perfect Word, you find yourself joyfully saying “YES, I KNOW I want to do what God wants!”

So, go ahead, be thankful! Rejoice always! Pray at all times! Be holy like He is! Be generous! Be kind! Encourage one another! You know you want to! 🙂 And, because He’s working in you… YOU CAN!

How have you seen God at work in you in this 504? Leave your thoughts on this blog post!

Joyfully Obedient,


2 thoughts on “You Know You Want To!

  1. This 504 fast is my second attempt to fast social media, specifically facebook. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve found beauty in the grace that God shows throughout the process. When I slip up, my natural inclination is to feel guilty, but then God comes along. He reminds me of how much progress I’ve made from the first day. Thanks Jessie, for putting up these posts and for encouraging us and for pointing us to the Word.

    1. Kelsey, thanks so much for your feedback! I appreciate your honesty here. And, the fact that you are making the attempt — putting aside something (social media), to take hold of Him — is what blesses the heart of God! And, it WORKS, every time! Even if you slip up, He doesn’t! He’s giving you more of Him, and He is so pleased!

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