Family/Ministry Update- December 2010

Jessie Still- Campus Missionary to Michigan State University


Faithful Friends, Family and Supporters-

It’s hard to believe that 2010 is drawing to a close.  I hope that your year has been as blessed and exciting as ours has!  I thought I’d start this update one more of a personal note – OUR FAMILY 🙂

Chloe, our delightful 2.5 year old is such a joy to us everyday.  Just this week, she got to participate in her first-ever Christmas program (with her daycare center).  So cute!  Her current favorites in life are:  running, singing, playing teacher (with us, her stuffed animals, friends at daycare – anyone who wil let her!), pretending to be a doctor (like Mama!), and playing in the snow!!  She’s really come alive to the season of Christmas this year, and it’s been SO fun telling her about Jesus.  Check out a short video clip of Chloe and friends singing at their program: click here!

Erica has completed her first six months as a Pediatric Resident (her internship as a doctor) with Sparrow Hospital.  It has been challenging but rewarding for her to be the “doctor on call”.  She enjoys helping children get healthy and empowering parents in her role as physician.  She has been receiving rave reviews from the doctors who are overseeing her in this internship year!  She DOES get to take a little vacation time over the holidays, and we are ALL very thankful and enjoying those days!

Jessie (ME)- I have REALLY been enjoying this new season of ministry, being full-time on campus at MSU!  It’s been wonderful in every way, really!  I’m excited to fully officiate my first WEDDING this coming weekend.  I’ve been a part of weddings and spoken or sung in weddings, but this is the first one that I’ll be fully officiating.  The bride is a girl who was in the youth group I pastored, and whom Erica (she’s the matron of honor!) has mentored for many years.  So, it’s a really cool event for us.

Fall Semester in Review:  As I’m writing, the students at MSU are in the middle of finals week.  Some will head off to homes that do not know Christ.  Others will join strong families of faith for the celebration of Jesus birth.  Some will attend winter conferences that will strengthen them and empower them to continue in their walk with God.  Others will go back to situations that tempt them to give in to old habits and sin . . . So, though the days of hands-on ministry are currently on hold, we MUST continue to pray for them.  Let’s pray and believe that this winter break will be a true experience with Emmanuel, “God with us”, as Jesus was called at His birth!!

Living Sacrifices:
Recently at one of our daily/weekly prayer meetings, I shared with the group from Romans 12:1, where we are instructed to offer up our very lives as “living sacrifices”, a gift of worship that is very pleasing to the Lord.  What’s notable about that verse is that, in the Old Testament system, every sacrifice died (obviously, that’s what the sacrifice was) – once it was offered, it was over.  But, a LIVING sacrifice goes on and on and on – it’s never over!  We stay on the “altar” before God and we BURN with the flame of His love every day!  It’s a beautiful, glorious thing.  And, that’s what these students are doing!

Here are several pictures from our daily prayer meetings – the STAPLE of the Furnace ministry. I’m SO proud of these young people, who have made a decision to stand in the gap for their University and pray for their generation to be changed, transformed and for Jesus to be glorified and lifted high.  Theirs is an offering of love that is pleasing to the Lord, and He promises that if we pray and DO NOT give up, He WILL answer (see Luke 18)!  The students you see here are QUALITY individuals who excel in EVERY area of life and studies, to the glory of God!  They have been steadfast in every way this semester.  Would you pray a blessing on each of them?  And pray that Jesus will continue to build His house at MSU!

What was, Fall 2010:

  • The “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” evangelistic thrust
  • A campus-wide prayer breakfast involving 12 ministries
  • “Compelling”, the state-wide student conference for Intervarsity
  • Growth in several campus ministries
  • Souls saved, delivered and healed!

What’s to come, 2011:

  • A half-day “Holy Spirit Seminar”, geared toward students who have a hunger to understand more of His empowering Presence and Gifts
  • The Collegiate Day of Prayer– a nationwide movement, which was a watershed event on campus last year.
  • (tentative) a state-wide campus prayer gathering!
  • I’ll be speaking at a few campus ministries!
  • CAMPUS AWAKENING! (that’s our prayer :))

Thank you for your faithful friendship, prayers, support and giving! You are truly a partner in this ministry!  So, every good thing that happens, you can count as God’s gift to you—the Harvest from your investment at MSU!

Praise the LORD! 🙂  Finally, if you are one who likes to itemize your tax deductions, PLEASE consider making a year-end/holiday donation to this ministry!  It would be a great blessing!! Also, I still haven’t completed raising my full budget, so if you’ve been considering becoming a financial partner, pray and see if NOW would be the time to jump on board!  I’d love to have it all raised by the beginning of 2011!  Would you agree with me for that?  If a few more people could commit to give monthly, we’d be there!

Warmest blessings to you all!!  Happy New Year, too!

-Jessie (Erica & Chloe) Still

How to Give:

1.  Make a check out to Spirit of Christ Church, noting “Furnace” in the memo line and send it to SOCC, 8170 Coleman Road, Haslett, MI 48840, OR-

2.  Donate online (via PayPal), by visiting and going to the “Join the Team” page.

Furnace Website: My blog! My email:
(517)974-1342    15673 Wood Road, Lansing, MI  48906
A ministry to the MSU campus from Spirit of Christ Church

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