The Wisest Prayer

The Wisest Prayer 

Song of Songs 1:1-2

Solomon’s Song of Songs: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine.”

Song of Songs is such a misunderstood book.  I’m not wanting to unpack the whole thing, but actually only highlight these two verses that open up this grand love story, as an inspiration to you as we take this time before the Lord, and as you are setting yourself aside for this special time with Jesus in the Word, in prayer, in fasting, etc. 


King Solomon was the wisest man perhaps to have ever lived (until Jesus came in the flesh), because God Himself blessed him with the wisdom of Heaven.  He actually wrote thousands of songs and poems in his life.  But this one, the “song of songs” (1:1), is considered the HIGHEST, the BEST, the most excellent of all those that he, in his wisdom, produced.  It has been called the “song above all songs” and “the song of ALL songs” (i.e. that which all others are born out of).  Why would God call it so?  On the surface it looks simply like a love story between a man and woman.  But, it doesn’t take much insight to understand that this song transcends the “natural” and actually details the supernatural passion of God expressed by Jesus for His Bride (us!!).  This is why it is the very highest expression of “song”!  I only mention all of this because many times people choose to ignore the book, assuming that it’s not important or relevant to them.  It IS relevant!  It’s YOUR STORY! 


And I find that the opening lines to this song of utmost wisdom, expressing the heart of God, and our story, are powerful if we can make them our own and make them our prayer as we come before Him.   Let’s look at the very first statement, in 1:2:



“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth”


Since we’re talking about God, how do make sense of this?  Knowing that God doesn’t actually “kiss us with his mouth” (and that image can cause trouble for many, especially men), we must ask the questions: “What is a kiss?” According to the dictionary it is “an expression of affection, love, greeting, reverence, etc.” and “to join lips in respect, affection, love, passion, etc”.  Also, in Scripture, the mouth of the Lord refers to His Word, and what He is speaking.  So, if we retake the verse, it might make more sense to us to say:


“Let Him express His love, affection, and passion to me through His Word.”


To take it even further, if a kiss is to “join lips”, perhaps this would mean that God’s Word becomes our word!  What we find in this one little phrase is a wonderful prayer that we can make our own, and which even instructs us how to interact devotionally with the Lord.  In my own prayer, I might say, “Jesus, come touch me deeply with Your love.  May Your words come to me.  Change me by Your Word and make me more like You.”  And then in your time reading the Word, put His words on your lips.  In other words, pray and read the Word out loud as a prayer to Him.  In this way the “kiss” is complete. 


As we do this, we will find our heart filled with His love and our soul exhilerated in Him as His words, His thoughts, His feelings become our very own!  Try it and see if this truly isn’t the “wisest” kind of prayer you can pray! 

-Jessie Still  



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