New stuff!

I just made a page to chronicle the growth and development of “Baby Still”, for all those who are giddy with us, I’ll try to update this page regularly. 

And, in light of my last post, I posted a little info on North Korea.  I’ll try to post more stuff on nations of interest, too, as time goes on.

Please browse around and leave your thoughts.  .  🙂 

One thought on “New stuff!

  1. I do love this, about the interconnectedness of humanity. Americans have become so self-focused that we barely even know that these other places in the world exist (unless they’re good vacation spots)

    I keep asking myself (along with my Jocelyn, my wife) “what’s our contribution” if the world is a body of sorts then what responsibility does the “wallet” of the world have to the rest of it… how can we join together to help each other. I guess i’m thinking more abotu the church worldwide than the world… good thoughts though.

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