I hate sickness.  Actually, who does like being sick??  Seriously.  It’s not fun.  Erica and I have been plagued by … something… the last week or so.  Not fun.   I’m doing better.  Erica has a big exam tomorrow, and can’t study very well.  So, that’s a little upsetting.  We’ve prayed several times, and will continue to do so.

That’s the frustrating thing.  We believe in God.  Jesus heals.  I’ve seen people be healed by the power of God, and I myself have been healed miraculously on a few occasions, in the name of Jesus.  I have even prayed for others and seen them healed (only a few that I know of).  But, not every one, every time.  Not only do I know that God can.  He wants to, is willing, and I believe He even LIKES to! 

So, what’s the deal?  Why don’t we see more of it?  I don’t know.

But, here’s what I have concluded:  I’m going to base my life on what I DO know, not on what I DON’T know.  Make sense?  It’s the only way to truly live anyway.  Let me put it in perspective that we can all relate to:  I know I’m alive today.  I don’t know if I’ll be alive tomorrow.  So, what do I do?  I LIVE, TODAY!! 

 I’m going to continue living in what I DO know about God and His power to heal, and keep pressing in to see it ALL (’cause I know it’s all possible!!); because, it’s not about our little cold/cough… it’s really about the fact that there are a lot of people out there suffering in major ways that Jesus CAN and WILL touch and heal, because He LOVES those people!!  Who’s with me?

 Other thoughts? 

4 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. I have often grappled with that same question. Why only sometimes and not others? Why for someones measly headache and not my mom’s MS. Why?

    I have never really thougt to live in what I know and not in what I dont. We are so focused on answering those questions that most of us will never have the answers to anyway (at least until we are face to face with Jesus) so why spend life and time trying to figure out what we dont and wont know when we could be living in the truth of what we DO know. That is inspirational to say the least.

    I like this idea. touche’

  2. @Alycia. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? I don’t spend my life thinking about, “Gee, I wonder how the catalytic converter in my car works”, and since I don’t know how it works, what if I never drove the car?? Wouldn’t that be weird?? I mean, it might be cool to understand how it worked; and would be helpful if I needed to fix it. But, I know that it works, so I drive the car.

    Now, I’m not saying that we should ignore the questions we have in life and prentend that we don’t have them. But, it makes more sense to live from what we DO know while we wait for understanding about what we don’t know.

    Part of this kind of thinking was sparked in me by a teaching by Bill Johnson. He said the way to stay encouraged every day of your life is to remember what God has done and is doing (testimonies), not to focus on what He hasn’t done (yet). I’m trying to do that! I have to keep reminding myself, but, I’m trying.

  3. i’m reposting this, it’s so good, but was posted on my “first blog”, but due to content, it obviously belongs here….

    Hey Jessie I think this is Reality for Campus!
    Heaven is seriously invading earth and on campus. My friends, James Leff and Dan Hughes, and I the other night were praying over people in just one of our Safeway Ministry LaborDay camp meeting for planing and one of our friends, who was 60% deaf in her right ear since she was 13 was healed when we simply prayed a Matthew 6:10 kind of prayer for Heaven to invade her Ear, her hearing was restored and worked as well as her other ear. Another friend had her right leg 1 inch shorter than her left leg and her right shoulderblade was 1 inch shorter than the other, but we prayed for Her shoulders to be as they are/will be in heaven and for heaven to come down, and they grew to their proper alignments. If God is moving in creative miracles within even our small Safeway Ministries, Image how much God can move when multiple Campus Ministries come together in Unity and in united prophetic worship on a central location on Campus such as the union, in front of the library or anywhere! While the musicans play music from their hearts to God led by the freedom of the Spirit, ministers and evanglists or anyone will just be around this united group of lovers of the Lord, and just start calling out words of knowledge for people’s healings, signs wonders and miracles will just start breaking out and all you need is a spark to start this thing off in this campus.

    Looking forward to hearing from you man.


  4. another repost, from a good friend and missionary, Carol Long (she replied to the post on “sickness”, but on myspace… same post, different locale — i’m trying to centralize good discussion on THIS site). I find her comments very insightful and thought provoking — thank you, Carol!

    This has been a really rough year for Matt and I physically. His current illness has just passed the 3 month point. In some ways I feel like a failure…needing a trip home so soon after entering the field. Then there are other times when I feel like it is God that has failed us. Why let all this happen when we have given up everything to obey him? At that moment, faith is tested. We are called to obedience and that is all. “I will rest in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.” Psalm 57:1
    Disaster comes at some seasons in life, we are called to faith and are offered rest in Him midst the storm that strikes us. And that is what we need and more than we deserve.

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